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Kat will review your answers and if your answers are a good fit she will schedule a call with you.

The purpose of this application form is to serve you at the highest level on your interview call to make sure you are a truly good fit for what Kat offers. If not, Kat will be more than happy to help you find the resources that will serve you best.

Your time is valuable, as is Kat's, so please be honest and thorough with your answers so Kat can help you absolutely crush your goals!

If you do not write honest and well thought out answers, Kat will not schedule you for your application call.

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First things first! Please confirm that the email you provided is the best email to reach you at (as opposed to the junk mail that never sees the light of day)! 

Question 2 of 14

Great! And the phone number you'd like to use if you make it to the interview call?

Question 3 of 14

Muuuuch appreciated! How about your Instagram username (what the @ is in front of)??

Question 4 of 14

Thank you for that! So picture Kat just handed you her magic wand and you can poof yourself 2 years into the future. What would your dream life look like personally and professionally? No need to be humble here.

Question 5 of 14

Great! Now if you could wave that magic wand and achieve every amazing result for your body in a year to truly feel happy, what would those results be? Please be specific.

Question 6 of 14

Why haven't you been able to accomplish these results on your own without magic? Detail everything that has been making it so hard for you.

Question 7 of 14

So how all in and dedicated are you to truly achieving the amazing results you listed by working with Kat? (1 is "meh", 5 is "ALL in baby!")

Question 8 of 14

If not a 5 why exactly is that? Please explain.

Question 9 of 14

Kat’s 1:1 program is a 3 month commitment. Can you handle putting a ring on it for 90 days??

Question 10 of 14

If you were accepted into the program would you need to talk over the financial investment with anyone else in your life before you made the decision, or are you 100% in charge of all the monies?? Please be honest.

Question 11 of 14

Break out the calculator and figure out... how much of your monies have you wasted over the last few years trying to reach your goals? (Failed programs, supplements, diet foods, ab blaster 9000, foods from cravings, clothes that don't fit anymore)

Question 12 of 14

Ok you have your magic wand again and can create the perfect coach, what would you ideally need from Kat if you were accepted to work with her 1:1? Please be specific.

Question 13 of 14

I know this was a light hearted application but Kat is not bringing just anyone into the program. So last question. If you had to tell her anything that would make you more qualified to work with her than everyone else applying, what would that be?

Question 14 of 14

Last question, did another awesome human refer you into this program? If so, tell me their first and last name below!

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