$297.00 USD

Requirements by the service provider:

1. Kat Spangler will deliver the highest level of coaching possible.

2. Kat Spangler will do the best in her ability to achieve success for the client.

3. Kat Spangler must respond to all questions and inquiries within 24 hours on week days.

4. Kat Spangler will provide 4 weekly coaching calls.

5. Kat Spangler will ensure the confidentiality and security of all client info unless asked and agreed to be released.

6. Kat Spangler will follow the contract as stated. 

Requirements by the client:

1. The client will adhere to the program details with first priority to their health and safety.

2. The client must be coachable and follow the guidelines that Kat Spangler lays out.

3. The client must maintain confidentiality of all services and plans received.

4. The client must consume all coaching materials to be fully prepared and guided in this process.

5. The client will produce a written and/or video testimonial at the end of 1 month.

6. The client will receive a referral bonus if an individual they refer signs up.


By making this purchase you are agreeing to 1 payment of $297.


No cancellations or refunds.

Commercial use of information:

All before and after photos as well as statements received by Kat Spangler is of fair use if granted permission for promotion and commercial use unless further notified by the client in which case all material will be taken down.


Kat Spangler provides services geared towards health & fitness and an unfortunate element with any health and fitness journey is the risk of harm to the individual. Kat is certified as a personal trainer and holistic health coach, but there are limitations to her scope of practice. Kat Spangler requires all future clients to be cleared by a health professional before beginning any of the services provided. The client has the right and should stop any activity that may cause harm upon themselves while under our services. Kat Spangler will not be liable for any and all actions/fees that may occur on behalf of the client while using our services and afterwards. The client waives all rights for prosecution against Kat Spangler by agreeing to these terms.

Results are never guaranteed even though you are set up with the best ability for the most results possible.

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Take It Easy Weight Loss Masterclass

Four weeks to quit yoyo dieting, stop the restrict-binge cycle, and finally lose weight in a relaxed way that feels good!


What's included:

  1. Weekly deep-dive group coaching calls with Kat where you'll get all the guidance you need to improve your relationship with food, quit sabotaging your progress, and finally make the weight loss stick.

  2. Access to the best accountability group in town via the private Masterclass Facebook group! This is where you'll also get direct support from Kat between coaching calls whether you need a bit of motivation or an awesome dinner recipe!

  3. Worksheets, downloads, and other resources to help you successfully implement what you learn each week and truly see the change you're looking for!