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Enhance your experience, increase your accountability, and speed up your results with bi-weekly private coaching calls with Kat. 

If you tend to sign up for programs but struggle following through, you're definitely going to want to go VIP!

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30-Day Abundant Time & Energy Course

What you'll achieve:

Fit time for YOURSELF into a hectic schedule, guilt free, EVERY day.

Learn to say "no" to the cult of busy and the pull of distraction.

Quit wavering in your motivation.

Create a fun, effective workout routine that sticks.

Learn to eat for energy, not for deprivation.

Drop the self-criticism habit. Seriously. 

For the love of God, SLEEP!

If these are things you've been struggling to achieve on your own, then this program is going to be a game changer for you. I hope you're as excited as I am!

What you get:

  • Weekly group coaching calls to walk you step-by-step through carving out time for yourself, creating a solid workout habit, and finding abundance and gratitude in your daily experience. ($397 value)
  • Time & Energy Mastery Guidebook packed with all the tools, checklists and calendars you need to stay focused. ($97 value)
  • Online Access so you can study the materials and take action anywhere, anytime! Go at your own pace. (Priceless)


Bonus 1: Private Facebook Group so you can share your journey, get questions answered, and meet your tribe of fellow bad ass warriors. (Priceless)

Bonus 2: My Healthy on the Go Guide. This guidebook will reveal all my best tips for staying on your game, even with a crazy busy schedule. Because I want to give you EVERY opportunity to be successful! ($19 value)

Bonus 3: My life changing books list. This checklist goes over the books that had the absolute biggest impact on my life and are partially responsible for me creating this training for you. ($19 value)

Bonus 4: 1 private call with me to give you some laser focused coaching to help you with your specific circumstances. ($297 value)

Total Value: $829

What People Are Saying: 

"Now I'm actually present and productive instead of just 'getting through the day.'"

"Being in Kat's Abundant Time & Energy Course has brought such a huge amount of relief in such a short amount of time and I can't wait to see how much more productive I can become."

"Before this course started, I wrote that my schedule left me unsatisfied because I didn't have any autonomy. I really get shit done, but when do I just get to wander around and be ME?!? But now I'm realizing that I do have autonomy because I'm choosing all of these things. I don't HAVE to do any of it."

"Before this practice, I did NOT feel like I had the mental energy to go meet with my business partner. Now all the stress of the day feels a lot further away. I feel much more at peace."

"I'm dealing with a lot of anxiety this week and honestly wanted to go crawl under a blanket and probably cope with wine. But here I am, showing up for the first of 3 tougher workouts this week... I've lost 9 pounds so far!"

"Did a 10k this morning. I am doing it again! I was a big runner before kids and you can still do it and go back to it! Believe in yourself!"

"Just in the past few days, I feel more emotionally balanced. I can't help but notice how much more at ease, happier, and smiley I feel! Even when in a little bit of pain!"