Follow Your Gut is the last Weight Loss Program you’ll ever need to eliminate cravings, tackle emotional eating, and FINALLY lose that stubborn weight for good. 

Your gut is talking to you… are you ready to listen? 

Our bodies are expertly designed to know exactly what they need and give you the signals to know exactly what to do at any given moment. 

But you’re bombarded with conflicting messages on a daily basis from the “experts” who are running diet culture. 

“Ignore your hunger signals and only eat from 12-6 pm.” 

“Eat 1200 calories, and only the foods that we’ve given you.” 

“You HAVE to cut carbs to get rid of that stubborn belly fat.”

What they don’t tell you is that these recommendations have long term consequences like disrupting your gut, hormones, metabolism, and satiety signals... oh and did I mention making weight loss harder.

Which is why, despite trying your best, you continue to struggle.

It’s no wonder you’re at the end of your rope.

Despite the conflicting information that you’re getting on a near-daily basis, you CAN make lasting changes in your body. You CAN feel your best. You CAN get to the bottom of your weight issues. 

Let’s do it together.


Do you ever stop to look around at your life only to realize that far too much of it revolves around food? 

On the outside, everything looks fine.

You’re eating clean in front of your friends or family and you're a weekend warrior with your workouts. 

On the inside you know that food is ruining your life. 

You wake up bloated and can’t imagine how you’ll muster the energy for today’s workout. You sit there wondering how many burpees it’ll take to balance out that sleeve of cookies you ate while no one was watching.

Regardless of how many diets you’ve tried, how many times you've attempted control, you seem to always fall off the wagon and wind up back at square one convinced that you’re the problem

I see you because I’ve been you... 


Growing up when I should’ve been out having fun, I was busy trying to figure out when I was going to start my next diet.

I agonized over food every. single. day.

Every morning my first thought was “What’s for breakfast?” and every waking minute was spent thinking about what I would be eating next. 

I was exhausted. I had bronchitis every other month. My skin was broken out with unexplainable white patches and acne. My digestion was completely out of whack (hello bubble guts). And I held 10 extra pounds that would not go away no matter what I did. In short, I was miserable. But I thought I had to just deal with it.

I didn’t know there was a solution.




It wasn’t until I started working towards my Health Coach Certification that I learned there could be something deeper going on. It was at that point that I learned I had an autoimmune disorder called Hashimoto’s Disease, caused by leaky gut syndrome. 

From that point on, I started a gut healing protocol that changed my life. My symptoms dissipated. My relationship with food improved. I finally learned that food could be used to heal, not just to cope. 


Your gut is always talking to you… inside of Follow Your Gut you’ll finally have the tools and support to listen and start living the life that you’ve been daydreaming about. 

You deserve to wake up feeling energized, confident, and excited for the day ahead. We’re in this together. Won’t you join me?

Not convinced yet? Here’s what my clients are saying…

"“Over the last month, I’ve felt stronger both mentally and physically. I’m proud of myself for seeing this through and being consistent (albeit not perfect). It really was an amazing transformation. I can say my relationship with my own health has changed tremendously and I feel equipped with the right tools to make lasting changes.” "


"“I just came from my doctor and she said I’m a new woman. I lost 11 pounds and my thyroid levels are back to normal. I cannot say THANK YOU enough Kat! You continue to change my life. After years of yo-yo dieting I finally see the light!”"


"“I’ve had several coaches in the past, but none have given me the additional time or attention to help me achieve the mind/body connection that has helped me heal my dysfunctional relationship with food and encouraged me to stay active.”"


I know you’ve been-there-done-that with all the diets in the book. Follow Your Gut works because it’s not a diet. If you’re ready to meet and embody the next-level version of yourself while healing your gut and your relationship with food, then I’ve got a spot with your name on it. We’re only a click away. 

Imagine this… 

You wake up in the morning and pop out of bed ready to start your day. Your stomach signals to you that it’s time for breakfast so you go and prepare some foods that you know will leave you feeling satisfied and energized through lunch time.

You get ready for your day and notice how vibrant your skin is while you put on an outfit that makes you feel like the biggest powerhouse in the room. 

That’s what starts to happen when you learn how to listen to your body and understand what it needs to function optimally. 

Your gut is comprised of your intestines, colon, and gut microbiome.

Sometimes, the bugs in your gut can be out of balance, wreaking havoc on your hormones, metabolism and health which can lead to cravings, hunger and fullness miscues, trouble absorbing nutrients, and difficulty losing weight (no matter how low your calorie count is). 

Inside of Follow Your Gut we get to the bottom of your gut problems to figure out which foods support your health, ease your symptoms, and help you to live a life that doesn’t revolve around food. 

No more guessing. No more wondering if the next diet will work. No more dreading buttoning up your jeans. 

You can do amazing things. All it takes is the first step. 

Inside of Follow Your Gut, you’ll get…

  • Kat’s Gut Reset ($497)
  • Intuitive Eating-Style Coaching ($349)
  • 8 Weekly Group Coaching Calls Including Hot Seat Coaching ($597)
  • Private Community with “Lifetime” Access ($197)
  • Gut-Friendly Recipes ($49)
  • Meal & Symptom Trackers ($49)
  • Kat’s Customizable Fitness App ($197)

Total = $1,935

You get this for 3 payments of $297!

The Curriculum

The Follow Your Gut Curriculum is a comprehensive, thorough, and strategic education to help you get to the bottom of your biggest struggles, then walk you through habit changes that will finally get you to your goals. 

Phase 1: Restore Your Gut 

Phase 1 will help you to understand your gut and the role it plays in you reaching your goals faster. You’ll learn how to optimize your gut, manage daily stressors, and learn how to make your new habits actually stick.

Week 1: Gut Health 101

Learn about the inner workings of the gut and how it affects your metabolism, energy, mood, and cravings while also learning how to optimize your gut for lifelong health and easier weight loss.

Week 2: Conquer Your Cravings

 Your relationship with food often times comes down to the health of your gut. When the bad bugs outnumber the good ones, they have the power to change your tastebuds and send signals to your brain to crave carbs and sugar. When we learn to restore this balance, we can stop relying on willpower and take back control.

Week 3: The Busy Chick’s Guide to Stress Management 

You’ll learn how stress affects your gut, waistline, and eating habits. This lesson will tell you exactly what to do when it feels like you can’t escape from the overwhelm of day-to-day life.

Week 4: The Happy Belly, Flat Belly Lifestyle 

 Struggle with consistency? Here you'll discover the science of habit change and how to create a healthy lifestyle you can stick to. You'll learn how to finally break the habits that are holding you back and how to maintain your new healthy habits for life.

Phase 2: Listen To Your Gut

Phase 2 is all about building on what you’ve learned in Phase 1 to create a healthy lifestyle that is free from emotional eating, the all-or-nothing mindset, and yo-yo dieting.

Week 1: Manic Eating to Mindful Eating

You’ll learn the key to losing weight for good without focusing on restriction or deprivation. The best part? It doesn’t involve counting a damn thing - no macros, no calories - just eating. 

Week 2: The Biggest Mistakes That Lead To Binges (And What To Do Instead)

Can you recall the last time you promised yourself that you would never eat chocolate again? It’s okay, I can too. We’ll discuss the strategies that you’ve been following that aren’t serving you and cook up some new ones that’ll help you to overcome overeating. 

Week 3: Feeling Your Emotions Instead of Feeding Them

Emotional eating is normal - food is a part of every event we have as a society. Births, weddings, funerals, you name it and there’s probably food at the center of it. But when we bury our emotions in food, we don’t process them or release them. This week, you’ll learn how to effectively do both so you never feel like food is your life jacket ever again. 

Week 4: Building an Unbreakable Food-Freedom Mindset

 The key to lasting change is not a nutrition tactic or workout plan. We’ll go over the ins and outs of establishing an unbreakable mindset around food so you can actually embody that lifestyle of food freedom that you’ve been craving. 

Are you ready to lay the groundwork for a life that you actually enjoy living? One where you know you can go to a party without an ounce of stress over what to eat? One where you don’t constantly look down at your stomach and think 'ugh'? It’s all available for you in this round of Follow Your Gut.


Hey there! I’m Coach Kat & I’m so excited that you’re here!

Growing up, I loved to dance. But no matter how active I was, I still found myself feeling ashamed of my body.  The dance world in particular was filled with comparison - from our techniques to our bodies, nothing was off limits. 

I was the kid that always had her arms over her stomach to hide her “rolls”. I can recall feeling “pudgey” and “fluffy” based on whatever I was eating that day. 

I compensated by trying to control my food. I would impose strict guidelines on myself all day and thrive off of the praise that would follow… 

“Kat has such good willpower.”

“Kat is such a good eater.”

“Kat has so much control.”

What they didn’t know was that I would wait for them to go to sleep, sneak into the kitchen and find every snack or dessert in the house and eat as much as I could while watching Friends reruns. I strategically hid what I was doing from my family so they wouldn’t notice the missing food.  

On the outside, everything seemed fine. On the inside, I was constantly agonizing over food, stressing about what I would eat for my next meal.

Then, my health started to take a turn. I was suffering from exhaustion, chronic bronchitis, white patches on my skin and countless digestive issues. 

I finally went to see a Functional Medicine Doctor who introduced me to a diet that wasn’t really a diet at all. It was a program designed to help me heal my body with food over the course of 3 months. 

Healing my gut allowed me to shift my relationship with food and realize that food has the power to heal our bodies.

I knew I had to start listening to my body or the symptoms would all come back. 

That process started a lifelong journey of paying attention to the ways that certain foods made me feel. It evolved into noticing that my cravings had virtually disappeared, food was no longer ruling my life and it’s no longer an obsession. 

That’s why I became a Health Coach. 

You deserve to feel your best every single day. You deserve to understand your body and to fuel it accordingly. You deserve to live your life free from the secrets, sneaking around and fake willpower. 

Inside of Follow Your Gut, you’ll be guided through the same protocols that I put myself through on the path to healing my gut, minimizing my symptoms and living life on my own terms once and for all. 

I know you can do this. I’ll see you inside.

Let's do it!

It’s time to take control of your life, learn how to listen to your body and actually start to live again. I know how hard it is to take the first step. I know how scary it is to put all of your faith into yet another program. But together, we can make magic happen. Together we can heal your gut and you can start to actually enjoy your life, the way you were meant to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inside of Follow Your Gut, you’ll have weekly Hot Seat Coaching with Kat where she’ll answer all of your questions. Between calls you’ll be able to ask questions in the private community where Kat will respond with video messages and comments to help you gain clarity and stick to your goals. 

If something is out of scope, I’ll refer you out to a medical professional who I feel would be the best fit in supporting your goals. 

Often participants are also meeting with their therapist outside of weekly coaching calls. Relying on a mental health professional to help you with the mindset work is an excellent compliment to the work that we’ll be doing together. 

While I would love for everyone to have an open mind around food, I understand that some people adhere to specific dietary preferences. As long as you’re not following a “diet” Kat can help you to reach your goals. 

If you’re following a specific diet due to health concerns, Kat will help you navigate those challenges to reach your goals. 

For example: If you’re doing keto to lose weight, that won’t be in line with the goals of this program. If you’re following a vegan lifestyle then you will still be able to achieve your goals inside of Follow your Gut

Please Note: Doing an elimination diet with dietary preferences and restrictions is challenging, but not impossible.

The beauty of the workouts that are included in Follow Your Gut is that they are completely customizable to your individual lifestyle. We’ll work around your injuries and preferences to tailor a program to you and your goals. 

Kat does not provide meal plans to her clients because a meal plan can’t teach you to think about food. Consider this: What will you do when you’ve finished following the meal plan? Inside of Follow Your Gut, you’ll learn strategies that will help you to eat freely far beyond the end-date of the program.


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