Imagine this… 

You wake up and realize the morning mental fog you're used to has disappeared.

You get out of bed (for once not dragging ass) and prepare a hormone-supporting breakfast before you workout that - shocker of shockers - doesn't leave you feeling drained. 

You stand in front of the mirror and instead of picking apart every flaw, you stand tall. Confident and proud of the woman in the mirror. 

That’s what happens when you stop being a slave to your thyroid. When you heal enough to feel like yourself again.

This is where gut health comes in. Optimizing my gut was the number one step I had to take to live symptom-free and I know it will be the key to unlocking your results too.

Hypothyroidism can negatively affect the bacteria in your gut leading to cravings, hunger and fullness miscues, fatigue, digestive issues, and difficulty losing weight (even when you're eating minimal calories). 

Which is why I created Follow Your Gut, to address this vital part of your health journey while giving you the tools to make your new habits actually stick!

I know you’ve been-there-done-that with all the diets in the book. Follow Your Gut works because it’s not a diet. It's a lifestyle shift that will change the way you approach nutrition altogether. If you’re ready to meet the next-level version of yourself, the version who isn't held back by her symptoms, then I’ve got a spot with your name on it.

As hypothyroid warriors, our body needs a different, more nuanced approach to nutrition.

But you’re bombarded with messages on a daily basis from “experts” telling you to do all sorts of things that may work for the general population but that are only going to work against you. 

“Only eat from 12-6 pm.” 

“Eat 1200 calories, and only the foods that we’ve given you.” 

“You HAVE to cut carbs to get rid of that stubborn belly fat.”

What they don’t tell you is that these recommendations have long term consequences like disrupting your gut, hormones, metabolism, and satiety signals.

Which is why, despite trying your best, you continue to struggle.

It’s no wonder you’re at the end of your rope.

Despite the conflicting information that you’re getting on a near-daily basis, you CAN make lasting changes in your body. You CAN feel good again. You CAN get to the bottom of your symptoms by learning to support your body. 

Let’s do it together.


Why I Created FYG…

Growing up, I loved to dance. But no matter how many hours I put in at the studio, I still felt ashamed of my body. I remember constantly putting my arms over my stomach to hide my “rolls”.

I tried to ‘fix’ my body with strict diet rules, which only ever lasted until night time when I would sneak into the kitchen, find every treat in the house, and gorge.

I remember shoving candy wrappers to the bottom of the trash can, trying to hide my binges from my family. 

Eventually, my health took a turn. I suffered from exhaustion, chronic bronchitis, white patches on my skin, acne, digestive issues, and eventually was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

After years of looking for solutions and trying desperately to take back my health, I finally got to the root of all my problems… my gut.

My gut-healing journey honestly saved me, both emotionally and physically. I finally ended my contentious relationship with food and started using it as my ally in healing.

As my health improved, the extra ‘fluff’ melted away, my symptoms faded, my Hashimoto’s went into remission, and my out-of-control cravings virtually disappeared.

This is why I created Follow Your Gut.

You deserve to understand your body, to feel good in your body, and to live free from the debilitating symptoms that rob us of the life we want to live.

Inside of Follow Your Gut, you’ll be guided through the same protocols that I put myself through to achieve just that.


Not convinced yet? Here’s what my clients are saying…

Inside of Follow Your Gut, you’ll get…

  • Kat’s Gut Reset
  • Mindful Eating-Style Coaching
  • 8 Weekly Group Coaching Calls Including Hot Seat Coaching OR Messenger Support OR Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls Depending on Which Version of the Program You Go With!
  • Lifetime Access to the Nutrition Portal with Videos and Step-by-Step Guides
  • Gut-Friendly, Easy-to-Follow Recipes
  • Meal, Symptom, and Habit Trackers to Keep You On Track


The Curriculum

The Follow Your Gut Curriculum is a comprehensive, thorough, and strategic education to help you get to the bottom of your biggest struggles and walk you through habit changes that will finally get you to your goals. 

Phase 1: Restore Your Gut 

Phase 1 will help you to understand your gut and the massive role it plays in your healing journey. You’ll learn how to optimize your gut, manage daily stressors that normally get in the way, and make your new habits actually stick.

Week 1: Gut Health 101

Learn about the inner workings of the gut and how it affects your metabolism, hormones, energy, mood, and cravings while also learning how to improve your gut for lifelong health and easier weight loss.

Week 2: Conquer Your Cravings

 Cravings can be a major saboteur on any health journey. And believe it or not, your relationship with food often times comes down to the health of your gut. When the bad bugs outnumber the good ones (very common in hypothyroid patients), they have the power to change your tastebuds and send signals to your brain to crave carbs and sugar (not good for hormone health). When we learn to restore this balance, we can stop relying on willpower and take back control.

Week 3: The Busy Chick’s Guide to Stress Management 

 Did you know cortisol - our main stress hormone - inhibits thyroid production and can slow healing by 24-40%? In this lesson you’ll learn just how much stress is putting the breaks on your progress, plus exactly what to do to manage it when you can’t escape from the overwhelm of day-to-day life.

Week 4: The Happy Belly, Flat Belly Lifestyle 

 Lack of consistency = lack of long term results and I am not here to give you a short-term fix. Here you'll discover the science of habit change and how to create a healthy lifestyle you can stick to. You'll learn how to finally break the habits that are holding you back and how to maintain your new healthy habits for life.

Phase 2: Listen To Your Gut

Phase 2 is all about building on what you’ve learned in Phase 1 to create a healthy lifestyle that is free from emotional eating, the all-or-nothing mindset, and yo-yo dieting. More than anyone, your body needs consistency over time. I'm going to teach you how to achieve that by working with your body and it's many signals. 

Week 1: Manic Eating to Mindful Eating

 Learn the key to changing your diet without feeling restricted or deprived. The best part? It doesn’t involve counting a damn thing - no macros, no calories - just eating based on what your body is telling you. 

Week 2: Never Binge Again

 When you have hypothyroidism, the first thing to tank is usually your energy. And when we're low on energy our body wants the quickest solution: food. This can lead to binges, which leads to weight gain, which leads to restricting, which leads to more binges, and round and round we go. We’ll discuss how to get out of this cycle and find balance with food again. 

Week 3: Feeling Your Emotions Instead of Feeding Them

Emotional eating is normal even for healthy humans. Add in a chronic disease and you feel pretty justified in eating to feel better. But when we bury our emotions in food, we don’t process them or release them. This week, you’ll learn how to effectively do both so you never feel like food is your life jacket ever again. 

Week 4: Food Freedom Forever - 3 Steps to Maintain Your Results and Find Your Healthy Ever After

 In this final lesson, we’re building an unbreakable mindset around food while strategizing how you'll continue carrying out all that you've learned over the first 7 weeks so you can embody the lifestyle of food freedom and holistic healing that you’ve been craving.

Are you ready to lay the groundwork for living a symptom-free life? One where you don't agonize over what nutrition advice to follow? One where you don’t constantly feel like you're at war with your body? One where just getting out of bed in the morning doesn't feel like climbing Mount Everest? It’s all available for you in Follow Your Gut.


It’s time to take control of your health, learn how to listen to your body, and actually start to live again. I know how hard it is to take the first step. I know how scary it is to put all of your faith into yet another program. But together, we can make magic happen. Together we can get you living the life you want in a body you love.

Frequently Asked Questions

I offer Follow Your Gut as a self-paced course with messenger support, a group program, and a 1:1 program depending on the level of accountability you need. Once you apply we'll chat about which option is best for you! 

If something is out of scope, I’ll refer you out to a medical professional who I feel would be the best fit in supporting your goals. 

Often participants are also meeting with their therapist outside of weekly coaching calls. Relying on a mental health professional to help you with the mindset work is an excellent compliment to the work that we’ll be doing together. 

While I would love for everyone to have an open mind around food, I understand that some people adhere to specific dietary preferences. As long as you’re not following a “diet” I can help you to reach your goals. 

If you’re following a specific diet due to health concerns, I will help you navigate that. 

For example: If you’re doing keto to lose weight, that won’t be in line with the goals of this program. If you’re following a vegan lifestyle then you will still be able to achieve your goals inside of Follow your Gut

Please Note: Doing an elimination diet with dietary preferences and restrictions is challenging, but not impossible.

I don't provide a typical meal plan, something about teaching a man to fish... But the best part is inside Follow Your Gut, you won't need one! With this program you'll learn strategies that will help you to eat freely far beyond the end-date of the program. If you like structure, you'll have the ability to create an eating plan on your own, from all the recommendations taught inside the program!


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