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Have you ever had goals for your life that are so big they’re almost embarrassing? You know, the ‘who does she think she is’ kind of goals. Well that’s been me for most of my life. 

I didn’t just want to dance, I wanted to be the best. So I logged 30 hours per week at the studio instead of partying with my friends in high school. I didn’t just want to be a good student, I wanted an academic scholarship which I was awarded by Chapman University. I didn’t just want a j.o.b., I wanted to work for myself. So I started my personal training business at 19 years old.

And all of that ambition is great… until it’s not.

See, no matter what the goal, I would always push myself to the extreme to achieve it, exhaustion be damned. And inevitably, my body would fight back.

Bronchitis was a regular occurence in my life and would last for 6 weeks at a time, my thyroid was malfunctioning by the time I was 15, my gut was torn up, my cycle was all over the place, I was 10 pounds heavier than I should have been given my clean diet and incessant workout routine, and cystic acne covered my face, chest, and back. 

Yet none of this made me want to ‘ease up,’ it just made me angry and frustrated. I felt like a racehorse who wasn’t allowed to gallop. Every fiber of my being knew I could do more, be more, but my body was slowly stopping me.

And then, it all came to a head when I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. 

In case you don’t know what that is, imagine getting 12 hours of sleep and still nearly passing out behind the wheel every morning. Imagine literally falling asleep while sitting up, at the dinner table, in a restaurant, in front of your boyfriend’s parents. Imagine the thought of getting out of bed bringing you to tears. That’s what it was like for me. 

For a decade I battled that diagnosis, and throughout those 10 years, it became more and more clear to me; if I wanted to play at the top of my game in every arena of my life, my ambition had to be grounded in my own health and well being. 

So for years, I immersed myself in the study of functional nutrition, physical fitness, positive psychology, high performance habits, and everything in between. I implemented the lessons I learned to find which ones had the most powerful impact not just on my weight, but on my health, and honestly, on my life as a whole.

It’s the synthesizing of those especially powerful practices that laid the groundwork for my UNLEASH Method. They are the habits that I return to day after day.

They are what allow me to push for excellence without burning myself out. They keep my body in check while allowing me to enjoy my favorite foods. And they bring a structure, balance, and peace to my life that simply wasn't there before. 

And they are what have allowed me to help other women achieve their weight loss and wellness goals in spite of insane schedules, exhausting jobs, and previous failures.

Want to find out more about my UNLEASH Method and how it can help you? Just click that button down below and I’ll be happy to jump on a free call with you!


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