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Girl, let me ask you something... do you ever feel like you're sprinting in place? You're working your butt off, you're exhausted, and you aren't sure how long you can keep up, and yet... you feel like you aren't getting anywhere.

Trust me, I feel your pain. But it's time to get off that treadmill. With this free training, I'm sharing my 7 secret steps to get back in the driver's seat of your life, and get clarity on your ideal destination so you can finally start moving forward. Let's get to work...

Meet Kat

Health & Lifestyle Coach

Hey babe, if you ever feel like you aren't living the life you want, I've totally been there...

I know what it's like obsessively dieting and working out, but NOT seeing a change in the mirror. I know how exhausting it is chasing a career you thought you wanted, and feeling trapped when you don't know how to pivot. I know how disheartening it is to “do everything right,” look around at your perfectly ok life, and say... "meh."

Which is why I created the UNLEASH method, to help overachieving women like you transform your life in the ways that matter most. No more doubts, no more fears, no more playing small and safe. Step into the arena of your life and conquer it like the bad ass warrior I know you are. 


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30-Day Abundant Time & Energy Course

How many times have you put your goals on hold because, "I'm waiting for the right time," or "I'm just too overwhelmed to start anything new right now."

Enough. With this course you're getting the tools to confidently reclaim time and energy for yourself and your goals EVERY SINGLE DAY for 30 days. 

Remember: with no energy, there is no movement, and with no movement, well, you'll stay exactly where you are. 

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12-Week Unleash Your Bad Ass Body Program

Want to feel stronger, sexier, and confident enough to have sex with the lights on?

Don't want to follow extreme diets or kill yourself in the gym to get there?

I got you girl! Click the link below and let's see if you're a good fit! 

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She Believed She Could, So She Did!


"Trying on bathing suits was semi life changing. I felt so confident and I didn't hate my body. I have years ahead of me but one of the biggest changes I've noticed so far is how I see myself... I feel sexy and proud and never thought I'd feel that way this early on in the program."

Jamie D.

"Kat asks the tough questions that help clients look at themselves on a deeper level and she helps them craft the change they're looking for."

Carrie C.

"Kat is known for guiding a person to understand how their body, mind, and soul are equal parts of the problem and the solution. She then helps them to create a habitually healthier and happier lifestyle through coaching, mentoring, and support. "

Shannon O.

"I kind of want to cry. Like, every day I feel more motivated. I'm super proud of the muscle gain. Watch out world! One pound stronger!"

Steph A.

"Since becoming Kat's client, I have changed into a person who enjoys workouts. She is extremely accommodating with my schedule so even the busiest of people can't have an excuse not to workout."

Gio C.

"I've had several personal trainers in the past, but none have given me the additional time or attention to help me achieve the mind/body connection that has helped me heal my dysfunctional relationship with food."

Kat's Meow

Dive into my most bad ass tips for conquering your life on the daily.

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