She Believe She Could, So She Did

Meredith A.

Just the past few days of following this program, getting that extra hour of sleep, and taking time to wind down before bed, I already feel more emotionally balanced. 

Maddy M.

I LOVE working with Kat. Not having a plan that I knew was effective and safe was a huge motivation killer. Being given something that's tailored to my needs by a professional has been hugely helpful.

Regina I.

A few things I have noticed since joining Kat's program: I've been having THE BEST hair days. Meditation is the most neglected activity but I'm working on it. I really dig the calendar, it really puts a pep in my step. AND I have noticed my energy lasts longer. Pretty happy where I'm at right now!


"Trying on bathing suits was semi life changing. I felt so confident and I didn't hate my body. I have years ahead of me but one of the biggest changes I've noticed so far is how I see myself... I feel sexy and proud and never thought I'd feel that way this early on in the program."

Steph A.

"Since becoming Kat's client, I have changed into a person who enjoys workouts. She is extremely accommodating with my schedule so even the busiest of people can't have an excuse not to workout."

Nicole C.

"After working with Kat, I wasn't only physically stronger, I was mentally stronger and learned how to find the balance in my exercise, work, food, fun, and overall health. She was the missing piece to my health puzzle."

Gio C.

"I've had several personal trainers in the past, but none have given me the additional time or attention to help me achieve the mind/body connection that has helped me heal my dysfunctional relationship with food."

Caroline K.

"At some point it wasn't even about trying to look good in my wedding dress anymore (but that was a great benefit). I just felt so freaking good, despite being in a terrible situation at work, the stress of planning a wedding, and the challenges of integrating my single girl life with a fiance."

Shannon O.

"I kind of want to cry. Like, every day I feel more motivated. I'm super proud of the muscle gain. Watch out world! One pound stronger!"

"I never thought I could feel as strong as I do. I feel sexy and confident from all angles! I have also eliminated all of my excuses; I am in control of my health and have many tools up my sleeve now!"

Bethany G.

"I am so impressed with the Bad Ass Body Program! This is dummy proof! Kat has truly found the secret to getting your body the results you never thought possible. I have lost 5 INCHES in my hips alone, which is EXACTLY where I told Kat I wanted to lose. YOU WILL GET RESULTS, you just got to be ready to put in the work! The only person stopping you is you."

"Before Kat I wasn't able to complete a 5k run without taking multiple breaks. I now run 5k's like they're nothing. My goal now is a 10k without a break!"


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