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3 Questions to Help You Choose Your Side Hustle

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So, you know you want to start a side hustle, you want to be your own boss, you want to have more time to spend with your family, and more financial flexibility to travel when and where you want.

There's just one problem... you can't nail down what you want to do.

Trust me, you're not alone. 

I belong to a number of Facebook groups, all filled with people who want to take the leap into the entrepreneurial void, and there they are... asking 400 other strangers, "What side hustle should I start?"

They think that some rando human can point out the job that will make them 6-figures, while only having to work 10 hours per week, all from the comfort of their own home, and that will be their answer.

But I can tell you with absolute certainty. They'll never make it. 

I'm not trying to be a dick here. And it isn't that they won't make it because they aren't smart, or talented, or capable of becoming a successful entrepreneur. 

They won't make it because being an entrepreneur requires such an exorbitant amount of dedication, will, drive, and passion, and none of those things come from pursuing a dream that someone else tells you to chase. 

You know the saying, "Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like no one else will, so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't"? 

Yeah, in order to survive those first few years, you have to be deeply connected with what you're doing. You have to know your purpose, follow your heart, and tap into your intuition at every turn of the journey. And that, is not something anyone can give to you. 

So, if you can't get the answer from asking a Facebook group, or reading a book, or listening to a podcast, how do you decide? And once you decide, how do you know it's the right decision?

Truthfully, it takes a lot of self reflection, self awareness, and the ability to get past your ego so you can confidently claim what you know deep down you want to do, even if the people around you will think it's 'stupid' or 'crazy.'  (By the way, name one genius who wasn't called 'crazy' at one point or another.)

These questions are a good place to start:

 1. If you knew you couldn't fail, what would you do?

2. What struggles have you made it through in your life that you could teach others? (Your mess is your message.)

3. What do you enjoy doing or what are you good at that most people think is hard or annoying?

You'll know you're onto something when an idea pops into your head that physically feels like things are falling into place. There will be a calm, quiet knowing in the back of your mind that will whisper, "That's it." You'll feel excited, but it won't feel manic or forced. You'll feel your shoulders relax and your heart get lighter. 

However, if you answer those 3 questions and either a) can't see any business ideas emerging or b) you're definitely on to something but you can't narrow it down into one specific business, this is where you dive in and get the help you need by booking a free Side Hustle Strategy Call with me. 

It was a call like this that changed the trajectory of my business and life. Through my own self reflection, I couldn't seem to get clear on exactly what I wanted to do or how I wanted to move forward. 

But after talking with my now business coach for 45 minutes on a discovery call, I new with absolute certainty where I wanted to go and how I wanted to get there.

Now I'm paying it forward to wantrepreneurs just like you. 

So if you're ready to stop wasting time bouncing from one idea to another, if you're ready to stop trying to make sense of all the opinions being thrown your way, and if you're ready to get crystal clear on your ideal business so you can finally move forward with executing your plans of becoming your own boss, book your call now. 


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