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Episode 238: Demystifying and Overcoming Hormonal Weight Gain Part 1

Jul 16, 2024

This week I did something I almost never do on Instagram. I called someone out. Well not just someone, I called out a fellow weight loss coach who I actually highly respect and admire (and who has 974k followers). 

In his post, he claimed experts that talk about the connection between cortisol (and other hormones) and weight gain are lying to you and just trying to scare you into buying their programs. 

His argument? That if cortisol was responsible for weight gain, prisoners of war who are underfed...

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Episode 235: What Your Stubborn Thyroid Weight Is Trying to Tell You

Jun 04, 2024

 If you're hypothyroid, standard weight loss advice probably pisses you off...

Some gym bro on the Internet is telling you to just eat less, workout harder, track your macros, and only eat during x hours.

Been there, done that. It isn’t. fucking. working.

In fact, if you're following that advice, it's probably pushing you deeper into your plateau. But we'll get to that in a minute.

This is why I decided to create my ‘Why Can’t I Lose Weight Nutrition Intensive’. To not only give clarity as to why...

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