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3 Simple Swaps to Amp Up Your Morning, and Crush Your Day

Jun 11, 2019

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How do you start your morning each day?

Do you reach for your phone before your eyes fully open?

Do you throw on your make up while chugging coffee and running through your to-do list for the day?

Do you absently kiss your spouse on the way out the door? 

Do you run through the drive-through because you didn’t have time to make your breakfast, again?

I’ll be honest, I used to not give much thought to my morning routine either. The morning was just a necessary pit stop between sleep and work.


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3 Quick and Easy Breakfast Smoothies

Aug 28, 2018

I'm about to sound like your mother... are you ready? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It reignites your metabolism, it gives your body and your brain the fuel they need to function optimally, and, if you make healthy choices, it will help set you up for a whole day of healthier decision making!

But with how crazy mornings can get, I know it's important to have fast and easy options! Which is why I'm giving you 3 quick and easy breakfast shake recipes that can go with you as you speed out the door!

Tip: To make these recipes...

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