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Episode 236: Paralyzed by Information Overload? 6 Steps to Get Back into Action!

Jun 11, 2024


Over the past few weeks I've had a few newer clients come up against a similar obstacle, one I'm sure you've probably experienced yourself: information overload that has you totally freezing up. 

You're bombarded with ads for dozens of supplements, all with promises of a quick fix for your stubborn weight, your low energy, your poor digestion, your thinning hair, your aging skin, and the like.

You see experts touting wildly different diets so convincingly you can't figure out which is the right one. 


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Episode 233: 13 Ways to Pull Yourself Out of a Funk (Part 2)

May 14, 2024

This week we continue the conversation of how to get yourself to a better place when it feels like life is just... heavy. 

If you missed part one, click here to take a listen, otherwise go ahead and dive right in! 

7. Workout (don't skip this one). 

Again, there will probably be a lot of resistance here. But working out is such a fantastic way to shift you into a better state of mind for so many reasons. You get a boost of happiness hormones like dopamine, you increase your energy, you get to listen to that badass...

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Episode 232: 13 Ways to Pull Yourself Out of a Funk (Part 1)

Apr 30, 2024

Sometimes in life you just feel... bleh.

Maybe it's because you went through a breakup, or lost a job, or had a falling out with a friend, or life just feels like it's picking on you, but you suddenly find yourself smack dab in the middle of a funk. 

And it sucks because you don't know how long it'll last, motivation and energy are low, your insides feel like they've been scraped out leaving a gaping hole, and all you want is to feel like you again.

Well as someone who just pulled herself out of one hell of a funk...

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Episode 231: Adventures in Dating an Avoidant (Part 2)

Apr 16, 2024


Last week we went there. I shared the beauty and the pain of dating someone so close to being 'it' it hurts, only to have it come crashing down. 

I went deep into the highs of infatuation, connection, and wild chemistry, and the deep lows of dating an emotionally unavailable, avoidant attached partner. 

If you missed it, I strongly recommend clicking here to get the back story, a crash course in attachment theory, and the first 5 lessons I took away from this dating experience before jumping...

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Episode 229: When Life Gets in The Way of Your Healthy Habits (Part 2)

Apr 02, 2024

 If you find that you can stick to your healthy habits as long as life is calm and organized enough, but the second a wrench gets thrown in your plans it feels like you're thrown off the wagon, this episode is for you. 

We started this conversation last week with part one and you definitely aren't going to want to miss the first 5 tips I shared for navigating life's craziest seasons with ease, so click here to check it out. Or if you're all caught up, you can jump right into today's advice for both making...

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Episode 228: When Life Gets in The Way of Your Healthy Habits (Part 1)

Mar 26, 2024

If there is one common trajectory every one of my clients follows it's this: they start off highly motivated and excited to get started, they stay totally dialed into the process and are pushed forward by the results they see, and then inevitably they hit a wall.

A parent gets sick. 

An unexpected move happens. 

A child goes through a tough time. 

A big trip comes up. 

The school year starts. 

Their spouse gets let go. 

They start a new job. 

They run into a busy season.

What determines my clients'...

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Episode 225: 14 Hard Lessons I Learned In 3.5 Years of Singlehood (Part 2)

Feb 20, 2024

We are jumping right back into our conversation from last week's Valentine's Day episode where I'm sharing my most hard-earned lessons from 3.5 years of singlehood and over 200 dates! If you didn't catch the first episode, click here to take a listen!

8. Relationships are not meant to make you comfortable all the time. They're meant to expose the unhealed parts of you that still need tending while holding space for you to work through those parts. And that's hard. 

I do not have better words than this quote...

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Episode 224: Swipe Right for Wisdom: 14 Lessons From 3.5 Years of Singlehood (Part 1)

Feb 13, 2024


Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and you know what that means... we recorded one of my favorite podcast episodes of the year! Truly the only thing I love talking about more than health and wellness is love and relationships. 

In year's past I've brought on the experts - one year it was a sex therapist, last year it was my parents who have a beautiful marriage after 35 years (definitely go back and take a listen if you weren't with us back then). 

But I think at this point I'm a bit of an expert in my own right. I've been...

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Episode 222: Kat's Top 10 Favorite Products from 2023

Jan 16, 2024

Before we get into today's episode, I have an exciting announcement!!

This Friday is my 32nd birthday and I've decided to do something I've never done before to celebrate... 

I'm taking 32% off ALL programs and because you're here you get first dibs! 

If you aren't familiar with the programs I offer, here are the snapshots:

The Hormone Belly Blueprint

Do you hate looking down and seeing that belly pudge?? Chronic stress, peri-menopause/menopause, or hormonal conditions like PCOS or hypothyroidism can make it feel...

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Episode 221: A New Approach to the New Year

Jan 09, 2024

If you know me you know I'm not a big believer in the New Year's resolution.

Of course I love a good goal, but there's something about the New Year's resolution that pushes people to make grand sweeping declarations about the entirely new person they're going to suddenly be simply because the last number of the year changed. 

I'll hear things like,

"I'm not going to miss a single workout!" or "I'm not going to give into cravings anymore!" Or "I'm cutting carbs for good this time!"

But we know that's not...

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