Hi, I'm Kat.

I help burned out, ambitious women lose weight and FEEL better by dealing with the REAL shit that's getting in the way. No more excuses, no more fad diets, and no more waiting 'til Monday!

Feeling stuck, stressed, or discouraged? Don't worry sis, that's all about to change!

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Ready to start losing weight and boosting your confidence in just 5 days (without dieting or slogging away on the treadmill)?

It starts with this FREE 5-Day Unleash Your Transformation Challenge where I'm here to help you...

  • Begin to drop stubborn pounds without giving up your favorite foods so you can finally quit the yoyo dieting.
  • Start creating stress-free habits so you see results even when you don't have a lot of time, energy, or willpower.
  • Discover how to end the struggle with motivation and self-sabotage so you can create lasting change.

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3 Keys To Unleashing Your Transformation

Get Strong

You have got to build a strong body, a strong mind, and strong habits if you're going to overcome the negative thoughts, hectic schedules, and exhausting days that will always be there to threaten your progress.

Feel Confident

When you have clarity, competence, and a clear path forward, you'll have the confidence you need to push through even the toughest plateaus, set backs, and frustrations. Book a call below if that's what you're in need of today!

Be Fearless

If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done, and that takes serious courage. So I challenge you to let go of any past failures, and try a new approach to weight loss and wellness.

Online Coaching Programs

UNLEASHED Transformation

12-Week Weight Loss & Wellness Program

If you are sick to death of battling your weight, fighting your cravings, self-sabotaging, emotional eating, and just generally feeling like crap, I've got you.

This proven system is NOT a diet that you'll start and stop. It is NOT a workout plan you're too busy to follow. It is a habit-based program that will help you lose weight while eating foods you loveboost your energy (no caffeine necessary), and stay in control of your results even when life gets... lifey. 



Monthly Group Coaching Membership

Maintain and continue to improve on the results you achieve in my signature Unleashed Programs (above), with monthly live group trainings, coaching calls, and optional hot seats, all about balanced nutrition, habit mastery, and positive psychology.



1:1 Personal Training Program

Do you catch yourself bailing on your workouts for work, friends, and family? Do you struggle knowing what to do when you finally make it to the gym? Have you wasted time on fitness routines that didn't give you results?

With my personal training programs, you'll get built-in accountability, a coach to help you bust through your most convincing excuses 😉, and a customized plan that jumps right to the chase and gets you some dang results already!



She Believed She Could, So She Did!


"Kat is known for guiding a person to understand how their body, mind, and soul are equal parts of the problem and the solution. She then helps them to create a habitually healthier and happier lifestyle through coaching, mentoring, and support."

Nicole C.

"After working with Kat, I wasn't only physically stronger, I was mentally stronger and learned how to find the balance in my exercise, work, food, fun, and overall health. She was the missing piece to my health puzzle."

Jamie D.

"Kat asks the tough questions that help clients look at themselves on a deeper level and she helps them craft the change they're looking for."

The 'Life Unleashed' Podcast

Dive into my most badass tips for unleashing your health, happiness, and success on the daily.

Before you go! Did you remember to sign up for my free 5-day Unleash Your Transformation Challenge??

Seriously, I get it. It is infuriating when you're used to excelling at school, or climbing to the top of the corporate ladder, or crushing it as a mom, yet when it comes to your own dang body, you just can't seem to get it together.

Which is why this challenge will help you understand the biggest pitfalls of your past programs, and finally get off the weight loss scary-go-round. 

You'll trade overly-complicated nutrition plans and time-consuming workout programs for simple, but powerful daily habits that you can follow even on your craziest of days.

You can lose weight, feel good in your body, and experience the confidence everyone else already sees in you. And it starts here. 

Best, Coach Kat

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"Holistic Health: A state of wellbeing in key areas of life without the sacrifice of one for the other. Living in alignment with your core values and who you want to be. "


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