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Episode 148: How to Eat More Produce Without It Going to Waste

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We all know we should be eating more fruits and vegetables, right? They're low in calories and high in nutrients, fiber, and water... basically the perfect weight loss food AND there is no better fuel for your gut health.
But I constantly hear from my clients how any time they load up on produce, half of it ends up rotting in their fridge and going to waste.
So today we're going to fix that with some simple shopping, cooking, and storing hacks so you can feeling confident filling your cart to your heart's content without ever having to clear out the produce graveyard again!

1. Eat in order.

Eat softer, more perishable produce first (bananas, berries, leafy greens, tomatoes), then harder produce (apples, grapes, cucumber, potatoes), then frozen and canned. 

2. If something does look like it’s going to go bad before you can get to it, chop it up and put it in the freezer to be used in smoothies, soups, and stir fries.

You can also do this with herbs that are going bad: chop them up, mix them with olive oil, and pour into ice cube trays. Same thing with lemons, simple squeeze the juice into ice cube trays to be used for cooking or just to refresh your water!

3. Buy produce at different levels of ripeness.

I’ll get hard pears or green bananas knowing it’ll take a few days to ripen giving me more time to eat them. 

4. Consider buying your produce from a CSA or Farmer Jone's Farm. 

Because it's being delivered to you a day after it's picked, it stays fresh for weeks, as opposed to buying produce at the grocery store after it's already been sitting on shelves and in trucks for days or weeks on end.

5. Store your produce to keep it fresh longer.

Potatoes and winter squashes: store in a cool, dark place (do not refrigerate where they convert some starch into sugar and brown to quickly)
Remove greens from things like beets and carrots before storing as the greens can draw moisture from the vegetable.
Onions and garlic: store in a cool, dark place (away from potatoes because onions produce ethylene gas which causes faster ripening). Once cut, wrap onion in plastic wrap and store in the fridge.
Carrots, celery, and lemon: Submerged in water in the fridge.
Strawberries: Wash with diluted vinegar and place in a glass jar in the fridge.
Herbs: place in a glass of water in the fridge (like a plant, not submerged). 

4. Don’t quit just because you waste some fruits and veggies here or there.  

The more you practice, the more you’ll figure out how much you’ll actually go through. 
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