Halloween Sale: $50 Off Fit-mas Holiday Survival Guide!!

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The holidays are officially here, and it's time to decide how you're going to finish off 2018.

Is this going to be another year of over indulgence that you regret as soon as the new year hits?

Will your 2018 resolutions remain a distant memory?

Will you throw your hands up again and assume these last 2 months are a lost cause?


Do you want to step up to the end of 2018 and make it count?

Do you want to finish even stronger than you started?

Do you want to enjoy abundance in your holidays this year? Abundant joy, abundant health, abundant energy, abundant confidence?

I challenge you, commit to the latter scenario. Take the next 2 months to see what you're made of. And know, if you can get through the next eight weeks, committing to your goals, and finding success in the face of the stresses and temptations of the holiday season, you will be able to take 2019 by storm.

Now you know I'm not going to issue you a challenge like that and not offer you my support. So here's the deal...

For my action-takers, for my for my goal-chasers, for my health-warriors, I want to give you a special gift of $50 off your Fit-mas Holiday Survival Guide! 

I want you to have all the tools you need to make this your most successful, vibrant, happy, fit holiday season to date!

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You'll be getting:
  • a sample 7 day meal plan to make planning your meals on non-holiday days a no brainer
  • a 20 minutes-per-day workout schedule and videos
  • a holiday weight loss guide to help you enjoy your traditions but navigate the common holiday pitfalls
  • a guilt-less holiday treat sheet with desserts that will leave you satisfied
  • and automatic entrance into my upcoming 14 day Commit to Fit Holiday Challenge where you'll get even more coaching from me!


  • And this is the best part... you'll get a Healthy, Happy Holiday Coaching Call with me to preemptively strike against any foreseeable obstacles you may have. Things like a trip to someone else's home where you have less control over your meals, or a pushy relative who shows her love with food. Whatever the challenge, we'll create an action plan to make sure it doesn't stand between you and your 2018 end-of-year resolutions.

And for 5 days, Halloween through November 4th, you get $149 of value for just $99!

I love the expression, "If you really want something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse." I'm handing you the way, don't allow yourself the excuse.

Click here to sign up for your Fit-mas Holiday Survival Guide!


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