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Episode 181: Top Tips for a Healthier Cycle with Period Coach Vicky!

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I'm going to start this episode with one of my most embarrassing stories (if you're squeamish or don't like period talk, go ahead and bail now). 

It was the first day of my cycle. Always the heaviest. Always the most painful. 

Some days I can push through with some aspirin and a hot water bottle, but not on days like this. On days like this, I can't even keep aspirin down long enough for it to do anything. 

The only thing that can help me now is a hot bath. But in this kind of pain that's no easy task. 

I remember taking off one item of clothing at a time, dropping to my knees in between each one, clutching my stomach. 

I remember going back and forth between the bath I was trying to run and the toilet I was retching into. 

And as I huddled over the toilet, I heaved so hard my diva cup flew out of my body. Like a freaking cartoon.

I was half laughing half crying as I crawled my way back to the bath tub to finally have some relief.

This, ladies, is not a healthy or normal cycle. 

And yet so many of us accept debilitating cramps, depression, breast tenderness, sleep issues, cravings, water retention, and weight gain as the norm each month. 

It's not. Even though it's common it is not normal. As per usual it is a symptom and a message that there is healing work to be done. 

These days, I'm barely aware when my period is going to start because the symptoms are so mild. Gio (my co-host) suffered severe PMDD for years before working together. She now has mild PMS, if that.

And even my friend Sammy who used to spend 2 full weeks of the month feeling unfocused, stressed, sad, lethargic, and fatigued switched her diet with some guidance from me, and on month one dropped down to about 2 days of symptoms. 

We are not powerless against our periods. We do have a say in our experience.

Which is why I wanted to bring on special guest for today's podcast episode: a fellow nutrition coach who specializes in optimizing women's menstrual cycles and hormones through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Vicky Viola. 

Click the play button above to hear Vicky answer questions like: 

1. What should a healthy cycle look like?

2. What do you think the main culprits are of so many women struggling with PMS and PMDD?

 3. What's the biggest mistake you see women making when it comes to their cycle health?

4. What is the biggest piece of advice you would give to women struggling with their cycle?

5. What's something you share with your clients that usually surprises them?

6. How can regulating your cycle help women with weight loss goals?

7. How do you know when you're ovulating? 

8. How long does it take to 'heal' your hormones and cycle?

And if you want to get more of Vicky, be sure to follow her at on Instagram!


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