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Episode 37: Let's Talk About Sex! Your Top 10 Questions Answered by Amanda Tull.

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It's Valentine's week and I decided to spice things up for today's episode of the Life Unleashed Show.

I had the pleasure of interviewing coach Amanda Tull who specializes in helping women have clear, confident, and courageous conversations about sex so we can live in a healthier environment with thriving relationships.

Here are the questions and struggles we covered in the episode:

  1. My partner “hounds” me for sex! And while I love them, I’m just so tired and my libido is nonexistent any more. What can I do?
  2. My partner and I used to have such a fun sex life. Now it’s lack luster and stale. I want more, but my partner can’t seem to be bothered.
  3. My partner and I both want more but life keeps getting in the way. I’m starting a business/my kids/parents/the house/the pets/LIFE is keeping us from really enjoying each other and I miss how easy it used to be.
  4. I’m not as experienced as my partner is and I’m kind of freaked out about what they really want me to do.
  5. I really don’t want to do what my partner is into! How do I tell them I’m unwilling to go there without ruining my relationship?
  6. I’d like to try new things with my partner but don’t know how they’ll handle it or if they’ll be interested in doing anything “new” with me.
  7. My partner isn’t satisfying me after being together for a while. I’ve never told them, but they never really have. Is it too late to tell them without destroying our relationship?
  8. How do I tell my partner what I really want without destroying their ego?
  9. How do I know if my low sex drive is because of me or if it’s because things are off in the relationship?
  10. Is it normal to just lose sexual interest in your partner after a while? How do you get back that loving feeling?

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