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Episode 107: Kat's Favorite Products for Staying Healthy During Busy Seasons

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Ok so if you know me, you know I love giving ya'll really insightful, in-depth trainings on all things holistic health and weight loss. 

I love digging into your psyche and getting down into the nitty gritty details of what's really holding you back from reaching your goals.

But let's be real, sometimes you don't need '5 ways to overcome your inner critic' or '7 habits for healthy hormones' (although that sounds like a great episode... maybe I'll record that one soon).

Sometimes you just need some straight forward tips on products that will make. life. easier.

With that in mind, here are my all-time favorite tools and products that help me keep my health in tact when life get particularly crazy:

Green Chef

Ok this meal delivery service is my absolute obsession as of late! I don't have to plan my meals, I don't have to worry about food going bad, and I don't have to do any meal prep!! I get the paleo plan sent to me each week, I can make 1 meal and eat it 2-3 times, it's delicious, and the menu changes week to week so I never get bored!! I do a tiny bit of grocery shopping for some snacks and breakfast but that's about it!

DM me at @katspanglerunleashed on Instagram if you want a discount code!


Shakes are my ultimate go-to on busy days, but if there is any grit to it I can barely get it down. The Vitamix is pricey but I've had mine for the last 8 years and it still is in great shape. I love that it basically liquifies anything I put in it!


I pretty much always reach for the vegan chocolate shakeology (though I'm also partial to their peppermint mocha and can't wait to try the new salted caramel!). It goes in my breakfast shake every morning because it's high in protein, is loaded with superfoods, it ingredients that are stellar for gut health, it's nice and smooth and it tastes delicious on its own when I'm really on a time crunch!

Click here to try it for yourself!


During busy seasons, I'm all about cooking once and eating multiple times and the crockpot is fantastic for it! Dump a handful of ingredients in in the morning and by the time you're done with work for the evening you have a warm, home-cooked meal that you can reheat all throughout the week. You also can put individual servings in Tupperware in the freezer to pull out during future busy seasons. 

Meal-prep Tupperware

This is what I use if I know I'm going to be traveling for the day, I know I'll need more than just a shake, and I know I won't have access to healthy restaurants or have the time to stop. I get this one with 3 sections and will usually fill the main one with my protein (like hardboiled eggs or turkey slices), another with a veggie (like sliced cucumber, carrots, celery, or bell peppers), and the third with some fruit, gluten free crackers, nuts, or maybe some hummus or guacamole to dip the veggies in.

Chomps + RX Bars

I don't love relying too heavily on processed bars, even if they are deemed 'healthy'. But when I do these are what I reach for. They have pretty clean ingredients and actually taste really good!

Prep-Free Whole Food

Pre-chopped veggies, single-serving containers of guac, rotisserie chicken, fruit, nuts, seeds, olives, and dairy-free yogurt are all staples in my fridge when I don't have a lot of time on my hands to cook, but I still want to eat a mainly whole food diet.

Gluggy Jug! (AKA MY BuildLife Water Bottle)

I'm already terrible at drinking water, add in being busy and I'm a disaster. This giant pink bottle is hard to miss and helps keep me on track with my hydration. 

Yeti Mug

There's no better brand out there for keeping my food/drinks warm for long periods of time, and I love using it for coffee (which I'll add collagen powder to for some extra protein), or even soup, stew, or bone broth!

Beachbody On Demand

It may seem silly because I'm a trainer and could design my own at-home workouts, but I just love having someone else to watch and pump me up, and I love getting inspired by other trainers' programming! This is basically the Netflix of workouts and no matter how much time or equipment I have (or don't have), I know I can find an effective workout that I'll enjoy doing!

Click here if you want a free trial!


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