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Episode 109: How She Lost Almost 100 Pounds Without Dieting (Part 1)

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How do I describe Destinee? She is loud, loving, and absolutely beautiful. 

But her strength and beauty doesn't come from an easy life. Her strength comes from the battles she's faced. Her beauty is in her battle scars.

She is a warrior and I am so excited to share her story of losing almost 100 pounds in the last 3 years without dieting.

But my words won't do it justice, so here's all I'll say: When I first met Destinee, she was 270 pounds and while the world saw a shining smile and vivacious personality, inside she carried a darkness and a disbelief that true happiness even existed. 

But upon making the move out to California, losing her job for a year, having to sell her car, and barely keeping a roof over her head, she hit the rock bottom that catapulted her to more joy, health, and success than she could have ever imagined (plus a strong, healthy 175 pound frame). 

And in today's episode she shares her story of forgiveness, healing, trauma, chasing joy, and making small changes that led to massive transformation both inside and out. 

You're not going to want to miss this episode. In fact, grab a notebook and a box of tissues, and click the play button at the top. 


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