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Episode 26: 3 Ways to Make Your Resolution Stick and Make 2020 10x Better!

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  • According to US News & World Report, the failure rate of New Year's resolutions is about 80%. Plus, majority of those who fail will have lost their resolve by mid-February!!
  • Why do I think failure rates are so high? I think it breaks down to 3 problems:
    • We rely too heavily on the excitement and motivation of the new year, when really we need to focus on the discipline it's going to take to stay consistent through the ups and downs that a whole 12 months will bring. 
    • We focus on what we're going to do, instead of who we need to become in order to reach our goals. 
    • As soon as we make a mistake or 'fall off the wagon' we choose the limiting belief that we have failed. When really the only failure is in not getting back up. 
  • So here's how to set a New Year's Resolution that you'll actually enjoy and will stick through 2021 and beyond:
    • Choose a word instead of a resolution.
    • Choose a process-based goal instead of an outcome-based goal. 
    • Choose behaviors over tactics.


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