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Episode 27: The Infinite VS The Finite Game of Life... Which Will Have You Winning?

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  • In a finite game, you're playing for the purpose of winning, the rules are well defined, and players are squarely defined as winner or loser. 
    • The problems with playing the finite game in life are knowing what to do once you've 'won', committing to an all-or-nothing mentality, and defining yourself as 'winner' or 'loser.'
    • 3 ways you might be playing the finite game:
      • Following a diet with an end date... remember, if your diet has an end date so do your results.
      • In fights with your significant other, your aim is to win the argument.
      • In business, running yourself ragged trying to hit your income goals. 
  • In an infinite game, continuing to play the game is winning, the rules are malleable, and players come and go.
    • The great thing about realizing you're in an infinite game is there is no 'losing,' only trying new tactics, learning from mistakes, getting stronger, getting smarter, connecting with other gamers. And when you look at it through that lens, the game becomes a lot less stressful and you build up greater resilience to the inevitable bends and twists of life. 
    • 3 ways to approach life with the infinite game mentality:
      • Try a bunch of different ways of eating and ways of exercising with the sole purpose of seeing which one feels best to your body. No timelines.
      • Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Your relationships will stand the test of time with this one small shift. 
      • Become more flexible in your business development. Instead of railing against the ever-changing algorithm, or feeling defeated when what used to work stops working, take a breath and realize this is the infinite game at work.


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