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I had such an interesting conversation with one of my clients the other day; it had me both surprised, and also really wanting to write this for you today. 

She told me how she was really enjoying going on these long, 3-5 mile walks lately. But as she said it, she was sort of chuckling to herself. 

When I asked her why she was giggling, she told me her reason for loving those walks was really kind of ridiculous and embarrassing. Of course now I had to know.

"It's because I've been daydreaming."


"It's because I've been daydreaming. I've been playing out these different scenarios in my head, putting myself in different situations, different experiences, different lives. That's so dumb, right?"

Ummmmmm no??? 

The conversation quickly expanded into both of our experiences with manifestations of our reality. Now before I lose you, I am not woo woo enough to sit on my couch day in and day out and try to think my reality into existence. I am a firm believer that without planning, action, and intentional growth, there is no "manifesting." 

However, I also know that no reality can exist without you first believing it's possible. 

Every great achievement that has ever occurred in my life (and my client concurred), has happened because at some point I decided to stop believing it was impossible.

And the moment I stopped believing it was impossible, I started daydreaming about it. Like obsessively. I would paint the picture in my head until it felt so real it was like I could reach out and touch it.

I would daydream about it so often and so intensely that it literally felt like it was already a reality, I just hadn't gotten there yet. 

And in that imagination, in that belief that it was possible, in that certainty that it would one day be, my brain got to work figuring out how to get there. And I always did. 

That's what I want for you.

I want you to start reintroducing imagination into how you decide what life you can have, and what path you can take to get there. 

Because with no imagination, there is no passion, no joy, no reaching beyond our limits, no hope, no painting outside the lines of our life. 

Think about it, when you've followed the "right steps to achievement" but you didn't connect with our heart, your intuition, your dreams, your imagination, were you ever fulfilled by that achievement??

We spend so much of our lives painting by numbers and then we wonder why the painting feels cookie cutter, stale, not our own. 

It's time to take off the "adulting" hat for a second, and imagine what your life might look like if you didn't confine yourself to "what makes sense, "what you should do," "what you should want," "how you should be."

Does life get a little more colorful?

Now like I said, you can't just think about the land of Oz, go back to your black and white world, and hope that Oz will come to you. If you want to get there, you've got to ride the tornado (or some other analogy that isn't so violent). 

So, here's what you're going to do...

You're going to download your Unleash Journal Pages and you're going to answer the first three questions on the second page. 

1. What do you want to be when you grow up?

And you are NOT allowed to limit yourself on this one. Think about this question like you would when you were a kid, the sky is the limit. 

2. What impact do you want to make on the world, or just those around you?

Again, let your heart lead the way on this one and don't slow yourself down with "I can't," or "I don't have a strong message," or "no one will listen to me."

Quiet all those voices down and just let yourself imagine the possibilities of how you could leave this world better than you found it. 

3. What challenges have you already overcome in your life?

This one can help you if you're getting stuck on the second question. Often times your mess is your message. The gift you were meant to bring to this world may exist in your own traumas, your own struggles, and your own triumphs. 

OK, so you do the journal pages, you start dreaming again, you let your imagination open up about what you can do and what you can be... Now what do you do if you don't want to stop there?

What if you begin to open up that box of possibilities and realize Oh man, I really do want that life, but you don't know how to get from here to there? I've got you.

I still have a few spots left in my 30-Day Health & Happiness Accelerator beta course for a steeply discounted $49 (in exchange for your success story and awesome feedback, of course).

Once inside, you'll get clarity on what you feel is missing from your life. You'll learn the steps to bring your reality back into balance. And you'll begin to flesh out those daydreams so we can go to work planning the exact steps you'll need to reach them. 

Remember, any goal you have, no matter how big or how seemingly impossible, can always be broken down into a series of actions that you can take to be successful.

So don't miss out on experiencing all the possibilities your life holds.

You deserve them all, you can have them all, let's unleash them all. 

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