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Control Your Blood Sugar, Control Your Weight


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If you remember, back in my Candid About Keto post I explained the different mechanisms at play in weight loss success with the keto diet and I told you I would create a mini series on how to create those effects without tying yourself to the dangers of keto. 

So here is weight loss mechanism number two: balancing your blood sugar.

Note: If you missed weight loss strategy number one, check out this post and get your freebie all about calorie deficits).

Why is blood sugar balance so important for weight loss?

A little science lesson: When glucose enters the blood stream after a meal, it signals your body to release insulin which tells the liver, muscles, and fat cells to take the glucose out of the blood and use it as energy. This is a perfectly healthy process.

But when you get too much glucose in the blood, too often (as in when you are constantly spiking your blood sugar with processed carbs), the body doesn't have enough uses for the sugar so it gets  stored as fat. And as a nice little added effect (insert sarcasm here), insulin is a hormone that not only signals excess glucose to be stored as fat, it actually makes it more difficult for the body to burn fat as fuel. In other words, blood sugar spikes are the enemy to any weight loss program. 

On top of all this, unbalanced blood sugar can also lead to fatigue and sugar cravings, two other culprits of weight gain.

What causes imbalanced blood sugar?

The biggest thing that causes blood sugar spikes, and the cascade of fat storing effects, is eating processed carbs and sugars. Note: I just said processed carbs and sugars. That means breads, pastries, candies, chips, pretzels, crackers, pastas, and other baked goods. That does not mean we need to demonize fruit... but more on that later. 

Other factors that also affect our body's ability to regulate blood sugar levels are lack of sleep, stress, lack of exercise, some medications, and smoking.







What are the best practices to keep blood sugar balanced and weight loss consistent?

You can help your body regulate blood sugar levels by working out regularly, getting your 7+ hours of sleep per night, reducing stress, and quitting smoking. But you'll see the biggest, most immediate change (and weight loss) when you adjust some of your eating habits.

Which is why I've created this fun cheat sheet to help you do just that. Download it here to learn how to balance your meals, what foods to avoid, how to use the glycemic load, how often to eat, and what foods to eat to improve your blood sugar so you can improve your energy, sugar cravings, and weight as well. 

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