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How to Stay Motivated When Results Aren't Coming


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We've all been there, right?

You get that initial spark of motivation that comes from a new year, an upcoming beach vacation, or a spark of an amazing idea.

And then you go to work on your gym habit, or you start the diet, or you start heavily researching how to launch that Etsy shop or how to publish your own book.

You're energized by your new goal and are sprinting towards the possibilities your future holds.

But then something happens. You're doing the work, you're making the sacrifices, and you're putting in the time and effort, but the fruits of your labor just aren't coming as fast as you thought they would, if they're coming at all.

What then?

How on earth do you keep yourself amped up and working hard when you feel like the weeks, months, or even years of effort have all been for not and all you want to do is give up?

It seems damn near impossible.

But I promise there are simple things you can do that will not only keep your head in the right place, but they'll keep you actively in the game.

And honestly, the most important key to success is learning how to continue playing, when everyone else would quit. 

Because when you know how to tap into that deep well of drive and motivation even through the stagnant waters, and even through the hail storms, you're able to lose weight as you watch others fall off the wagon.

You're able to build the 6-figure business while others return, with their head hanging low, to their 9-5.

And you're able to prevent burn out and bitterness as you work to make your dreams a reality.

Without this ability, you will continue to start over because you will continue to bail.

You'll find yourself resigning to a life of mediocrity.

And you will never reach your full potential for success and happiness.  

I’ve seen countless people struggle with this exact reality while on their weight loss journey.

They spent years neglecting their health and then if they train for a few weeks or a few months and they haven’t lost all the weight they wanted to, they lose motivation and begin to self-sabotage, quit, and sometimes fall back even farther than where they started, because now they’re depressed and feel like a failure.

And next time they get back in the ring, they’ll have to be even more patient to hit their goals. And round and round we go.

So here’s the thing...

You are allowed to get frustrated when you aren’t getting where you want to be as fast as you want to be there.

You’re allowed to feel deflated, you’re allowed to cry to your girl friends, you’re even allowed to feel bad for yourself.

But the one thing you’re not allowed to do is stop. Because then and there, you guarantee failure. Failure has not occurred yet until you're done trying. 

So here are 3 steps to take to stay motivated and moving forward when you really want to give up. 

1. Get yourself hyped about the vision you’re working towards again. Vividly imagine yourself reaching your goal, so you almost experience the high of succeeding before you’ve actually succeeded.

If you need some helping tapping into that vision, download my free People-Pleaser Detox. There's a great journal activity to help you get clarity about what you really want for your future. 

2. Create your bare minimums list. These are the bare minimum activities that you will do in pursuit of your goals, no matter how long the road is or how beat down you feel.

For example, if your goal is weight loss, your bare minimums might be 64 ounces of water, 10 minutes of moving, and 5 servings of produce per day.

Or maybe your goal is to start your own business. Your bare minimums could be producing one piece of content every week that demonstrates your expertise in your field, meditating on the image of your ideal business for 10 minutes every day, and connecting with 3 potential clients on social media every day.

It doesn’t take a ton of bandwidth or effort, but it keeps you in the game.

3. Put on some pump up music and get to work. Seriously, spend 10 minutes today in Spotify creating a playlist that makes you feel like a freaking bad ass.

Listen to it whenever you’re feeling your momentum wane. For real, it works. 

If you want to separate yourself from the dream-chasers, and claim your title as a goal crusher, it is tremendously important that you follow through on these 3 steps.

But you might be wondering, what do you do if you try the above steps, but you just can’t seem to capture that spark of motivation, and it’s a struggle every time you try to get yourself to work on your goal.

There are 2 culprits that might be the problem...

#1. You might be chasing the wrong goal.

You want to check in with yourself and make sure this is a goal that really resonates with you and that really lights you up.

Or ask yourself if you're falling into the trap of chasing dreams that other people want for you?

If you suspect this might be the case, I strongly encourage you to download my People-Pleaser Detox to do some guided reflection on figuring out what goals are truly important to you.

You'll learn how to chase your most authentic dreams without feeling guilty or afraid of judgement.

#2. You might have a faulty plan that's keeping you chasing your tail.

For example, you might have a workout plan that's outdated or simply ineffective for your physiology.

Or you may find yourself stuck in analysis paralysis with your business, where you're trying to do all the research to have everything perfectly laid out before you actually launch. But that's a game you can play for eternity. 

If this is the case, I'd like to offer you a free Goal Crusher Coaching Call, so we can create a plan that's actually going to move the needly more quickly on your goals, and get you some quick wins. 

To schedule that call, just click here.

And don't worry, there won't be any crazy sales pitch. If you decide you want support implementing the plan we lay out, I may invite you into one of my coaching programs, but there will be zero pressure whatsoever to do so. 

Imagine how great you’ll feel when you're only spending your valuable time working on goals that excite you.

Imagine how much less stressed you’ll feel when there is no question what you need to be doing to become successful. 

That's my promise with both my People-Pleaser Detox and my Goal Crusher Call.

Feeling ambitious, grab em both! 

Show Notes: 

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