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Is Life Living You???


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Quick show of hands (and yes, I fully expect a thumbs up or smiley face in the comments section below if any of this describes you)...

Who wakes up every morning and goes through the motions of their day?

Who looks at their life and sometimes wonders with bafflement how did I get here?

Who walks around feeling utterly detached from their life, even from the good stuff?

Who thinks back to who they were before the fancy job, the husband, the kids, the house with the white picket fence, and wonders where did THAT girl go??

It makes me sad to think as I write this how many of you may be sitting there going, "Yas girl! Preach! Oh man, that is me to a T!" 

Seriously... what are we doing??

It's not entirely our faults really, we were sold a dream that was maybe never ours to begin with. But when that's all that's presented, it's hard to dream outside the lines. 

So we go, and we chase all the things that we were told will make us happy, and we do it to a magnificent degree. We get into the best school, and fight for the best grades, to get the best job opportunity. 

We work our way up the ladder with sweat, toil, and exhaustion because that's how you get ahead.

We find a handsome man that checks every box, make 2.5 copies of ourselves, and buy a pretty house to wrap it all up with a bow.

And yet here we are, feeling trapped in a life, a career, an identity that isn't our own and feeling like horrible humans for expressing any dissatisfaction. After all, everyone wants this life... right?

Pardon my french, but fuck the life everyone wants. 

What do YOU want??

What is YOUR vision for your future??

What will it realistically take to get there and what on earth is keeping you from reaching for it??

Do you think you'll fail if you try to open up that Etsy business making essential-oil-based hair products??

Do you think your family won't approve or that you'll let them down?

Do you think you aren't worthy of striving for more?

Do you believe you're too young to take charge, too old to start anew?

Notice, every single one of those roadblocks is grounded in your mind, not your reality. 

And that crap in your head is the first thing you need to address if you want to stop getting swept along in a milk-toast life. 

And while we dive deep into exactly how to get rid of all that mental baggage in my UNLEASH program, recognition of what's holding you back is step numero uno. 

So here's your job today...

Start to picture what a better, more fulfilled life would look like for you (this is not a time for staying realistic, this is a time to let your imagination run wild).

I guarantee as soon as you start to give that image some roots, the limiting beliefs about why you can't have it will start flying into your head. 

Write them all down, look at them, and then shift your perspective. Pretend your very best friend wrote down the same list. What would you say to her if you saw that she was stopping her dreams in their tracks by buying into those negative beliefs?

Now I know sometimes this kind of work can be tough, especially if you aren't used to doing it.

Maybe you're having a hard time really honing in on what you want for your future.

Or maybe it's too challenging to step outside of yourself and soothe those negative feelings you have.

Whatever the challenge is you're having with this exercise, I'm happy to help.

Just click here to book a free coaching call with me so I can help you begin to let go of the beliefs that are keeping you stuck in a life that's living you, instead of the other way around. 


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