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5 Minute Meditation to Increase Energy All Day

Last week I sent out a survey about what my tribe (you) would like more support with and more content on. First of all, thank you to those who filled it out, I got a ton of great feedback and will be rolling out lots of new blog posts with all of your answers in mind!

One of the recurring themes was a desire for greater energy and guidance on mindset, which is why today's post is going to help you integrate a short, daily meditation practice that will improve mood, focus, and of course, energy. 

Before we get started, I want to give you 4 tips that will help you get the most out of your meditation practice.

1. Start small.

You do not have to start off by trying to quiet your mind for 30 minutes every day. Start with 5 minutes. As you get better at it, as your brain calms, add time in 5 minute increments until you feel like you've hit your sweet spot. 

2. Set a timer.

If you're sitting there wondering how long you've been meditating or how much time you have left, you are not going to get the most out of your practice. Set your timer so that question, "Am I done yet?" never has to take up space in your mind. 

3. Know that it is a practice.

You are not going to be good at this right away, and you are not going to be good at it all the time. I've been meditating for a few months now and I have some days where I can go right into it, relax, focus, and it all just flows. Other days I am battling a million intruding thoughts and can't quite get "in the zone." It's ok. Just the act of practicing is beneficial and you will get better with time. Which leads to my next tip...

4. Be kind to yourself.

Do your very best not to get frustrated, or overwhelmed, or angry on the days you struggle to hone your mind. Be accepting of yourself, forgiving of yourself and your brain, and know that even just sitting down and breathing deeply in stillness for some time each day is benefiting you. It isn't a contest to be won, it is a habit to get you out of the constant stress and buzz and movement of daily life. 

Ok, with all that being said, I think you're ready to try your first meditation practice for energy.

For the audio of the meditation and for a bonus meditation, also on energy (I always suggest trying numerous versions to see which resonates best with you), download today's blog freebie.

1. Sit comfortably either on a pillow or your bed with your legs crossed, or in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Rest your hands on your knees with your palms facing up. 

2. Close your eyes or focus on a single, lit candle. 

3. Optional: Put some white sound on in the background.

4. Begin by slowing your breathing. Inhaling deeply through the nose as you expand your belly, holding for a brief moment, and then exhaling completely through your mouth. Bring attention to the sensation of the air being pulled into your lungs. The expansion of the rib cage as you hold. And the release of tension as you fully exhale.

5. As you continue to breath deeply, focus on fully relaxing the muscles of your feet. Allow them to get heavy. Then travel to your calves, relax. Then your thighs, glutes, stomach, back, arms, hands, shoulders, and finally your face. Picture your body melting into relaxation until your entire body feels free of tension. 

6. Now, with each inhale picture an energizing light being pulled through the crown of your head into your body. Give it a color. I like yellow or white to stand for positivity and energy. Feel the light flow and expand throughout your body. Picture it touching and energizing every cell, bringing a powerful vibration to your whole being. 

7. Now with every exhale, breath out all heavy energy. Release everything weighing you down in your life through the bottoms of your feet. Feel the further release and relaxation of your muscles as you let go of all stress, anger, frustration, sickness, sadness, and anxiety. Feel yourself making room for more energy to come in. 

8. Repeat this inhaling of energetic light, and exhaling of heavy burdens until your timer goes off.

9. As intruding thoughts come in to take focus away from this energy exchange, simply notice them without judgement, release them, and bring your focus back to your breathing and energy. 

10. When the timer goes off, slowly wiggle your toes and fingers to bring awareness back to your physical body. Take one final deep breath and slowly open your eyes. 



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