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Episode 129: 7 Thanksgiving Health Hacks That Don't Involve Deprivation

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Aaaaah Thanksgiving, a wonderful day to reconnect with family, to remind ourselves all we have to be grateful for... and to stuff our bellies to the brim. 

Now I know right off the bat if I even mention the idea of making healthier choices on Thanksgiving there will be people who get immediately defensive: "I'm not going to worry about eating healthy on Thanksgiving! It's THANKSGIVING!"

And to that I say, hear me out. 

Because I'm not here to take away your favorite dishes or the joy that comes with connecting with your loved ones over a beautiful holiday feast.

All I want to help you take away is the button-popping fullness, the bloating, the lethargy, and the guilt that often comes hand-in-hand with our Thanksgiving day habits. 

Yes, there are things you can do that will allow you to fully partake in the festivities without feeling like crap afterwards and that is exactly what we're talking about today!

1. Instead of assuming healthier versions of your favorite dishes don't taste as good --> Do a test run to find versions that have all of the flavor with none of the guilt. 

2. Instead of starving yourself to 'save up' your calories for dinner --> Eat like a normal human in the hours leading up to your Thanksgiving meal.

3. Instead of starting with rolls, stuffing, and corn bread --> Fill up on your salad, brussels sprouts, and turkey.

4. Instead of napping after your meal --> Take a walk.

5. Instead of stuffing your face until you feel sick --> Eat slowly, savor your food, and stop after one plate. 

6. Instead of making 6 starchy sides --> Pick 1 or 2 of your favorites. (Bonus tip: don't peel your potatoes for mashed potatoes, the fiber will help slow down the blood sugar spike)

7. Instead of freaking out if you do eat more than you planned --> Realize that just like one workout won't make or break your health, neither will one meal. Move on and get back to your healthy habits the very next day!


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