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Episode 138: Kat Turned 30!!!

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Can I be honest with you?

I love sharing, and teaching, and coaching health (in all its aspects) to you because of course I want to help you reach your goals.

Of course I want to help you avoid the struggles and roadblocks I faced.

Of course I want to hear your wins and see your successes.

But it's also because teaching makes me feel confident, and powerful, and safe

When I'm in 'coaching mode' - as I usually am on this blog and in this podcast - there's a wall of protection around me. 

I get to stand behind statistics, and studies, and books I've read.

And while I do share my story, it's the story I'm comfortable telling. The one I've told and practiced hundreds of times over 10 years of teaching. 

But today is different. 

I don't have 5 hacks to lose weight easier. I don't have a story to inspire you to get in the kitchen. I don't have a workout routine for you to try.

I just have me.  

Last week I turned 30 and I thought what better time to share with you my true story? 

Who I am. What I'm afraid of. Incredible experiences. Horrible heartbreaks. And everything in between. 

So if you're looking for my usual '10 tips to achieve x, y, z', come back next week.

But if you want to sit down and get to know me, your coach, a bit more intimately, I invite you to click the link at the top of this page and take a listen. 


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