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Episode 61: What to Do When You Feel Like Doing Nothing

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If there’s one word that can describe the recent weeks of quarantine living, it’s melancholy. I’ve felt it and I know you probably have too. Not knowing how long this new normal will last is daunting, we’ve organized our homes, made the sourdough, re-watched entire series, and still, here we sit. Bored, frustrated, and feeling less and less motivated to do much of anything. 

So what do you do from here, when getting off the couch feels like a chore in and of itself? How are you expected to keep pursuing your goals, fitness and otherwise, when each limb feels heavy with the burden of the last few months, and the months to come?

Well, I’ve put together a list for both of us, to pull us out of the funk, and into action.

  1. Focus on fun.

Instead of trying to immediately force yourself into doing a workout, or meal planning for the week (which feels about as doable as climbing Mount Everest when your motivation is in the dumps), focus on changing your mood first and foremost. 

What sounds like fun to you that can lift your spirits? Taking a virtual dance class? Taking a dip in the pool? Singing show tunes at the top of your lungs? Do that, and that activation energy you need to start a new habit will feel a lot less daunting. 

  1. Commit to 5 (and only 5) minutes of the activity you’re resisting.

Oftentimes what keeps us from taking action isn’t the activity itself, it’s the dread of how looong it’s going to take. We think of slogging away in the gym for an hour, or being chained to the kitchen and it overwhelms us into inaction. But if you tell yourself you’re going to move your body, or peruse through healthy recipes for just 5 minutes, suddenly that hurdle of *starting* gets a whole lot lower. 

  1. Don’t wait to ‘feel like it’, put it in your calendar.

Following step 1 WILL help give you a little jolt of motivation and desire to act. But if you’re constantly waiting to FEEL like stepping forward, you’re going to be standing in the same place for quite some time. The hard fact is, sometimes to create momentum in our lives we have to force ourselves to do things we don’t feel like doing. So stop debating about it, stop allowing yourself all the excuses of why you can’t or why you’ll wait, and just get it in the calendar and do it. 

I’ve had to do this with my weekends. They were turning into 2 days of way too much tv and sitting around, and it left me sluggish and slow come Monday. So I had to start building some structure into my free days, and legitimately planning out some fun, just to get myself to follow through! 

Ready to hear my 4th BONUS tip for mustering up the energy to get going on those goals when all you really want to do is stay wrapped in a snuggy all day? (Remember those?! haha) You’re going to have to listen in to the full episode to hear it!


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