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Episode 68: 4 Mistakes Leading to Nighttime Snack Attacks (And What to Do About It)

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Do you feel pretty strong in your eating game during the day, but then night hits and it feels like you’re possessed by a demon with 18 stomachs. 

You shut the laptop off, you put the kids to bed, you sit on the couch, and the gorging begins. 

You shovel down handfuls of salty chips, which then makes you want something sweet so you’ll have a cookie, or 12. Then your boo makes popcorn and you’re just going to have a handful (the bowl is now yours). But you need a soda or cocktail to wash it down.

PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one who’s been there. 

And while this pattern may feel completely out of your control, while it may feel like once you start eating at night you just can’t stop, there are things you can do (or I should say, you can STOP doing) that will legitimately free you from those evening snack attacks.

  1. You aren’t eating enough throughout the day. 

This was the culprit of one of my client’s evening sugar cravings just a couple weeks ago. She’d often skip breakfast, forget lunch, or her kids would steal off her plate. Come nightfall she’d inevitably nose around her freezer looking for a sweet treat. After just 1 week of creating a consistent eating schedule, her evening cravings were gone. 

  1. You’re ditching the healthy eating strategies you know. 

During the day? You know to pair carbs with protein and healthy fat. You know to plate your food instead of eating it out of the container. You know to eat slowly and mindfully. But after 5 o’clock? All that goes out the window and before you know it you’re bingeing the crap out of a bag of Doritos.

  1. Your evening routine is too conducive for snacking.

A lot of people resist changing their evening routine of Netflix bingeing their favorite shows. But this habit is likely feeding (no pun intended) directly into your food bingeing habit. And you know me, I say if you aren’t dealing with the root of the problem, you’ll never create a lasting solution.

  1. You’re relying on willpower.

We all know willpower is a finite resource, and at the end of a long day or week, you’re pretty darn depleted. So if you have a pantry full of unhealthy snacks, of course that’s going to be the first thing you reach for. 

Are you nodding along to these habits that need shifting, but inside you’re doubtful you’ll actually hold yourself accountable to making the necessary changes?

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