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Episode 82: 3 Steps to Avoid the All or Nothing Mindset (Holiday Edition)

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A lot of times around the holidays we have 1 of 2 MO's when it comes to nutrition: 

1: Fuck it! It's the holidays! I'm eating all the things! #treatyoself #ilovecookies #whatsaworkout? #yolo

or 2: I'm going to be good this year. I don't need that cookie. Nope, no holiday cocktail for me. S'mores? No thanks....... Fast forward to standing in front of the fridge at midnight eating every dessert in site. 

This is what is properly known as the all-or-nothing mindset. And as you can see, it rarely leads to good things. 

Which is why today I'm sharing my top 3 tips to get out of this mentality so you can genuinely enjoy your favorite holiday food without guilt AND without packing on the holiday weight. 

1. Make small habit change the goal.

A lot of times we get stuck waiting to 'start the diet' until Monday or the New Year because we feel like we need to mentally prepare to turn our entire life around. "Starting on Monday I'm working out an hour a day!" or "Starting in the New Year, NO MORE SWEETS!"

Let's quit kidding ourselves and instead set more realistic expectations of ourselves. 10 minutes of exercise is better than no exercise, committing to eating a green vegetable every day is a lot less daunting then never eating sugar again. So let's start there!

2. Find ways to compromise.

Especially around the holidays, we get caught in the mentality that to 'enjoy' the holiday to its fullest means to pig out. But there's really nothing joyful about feeling guilty, heavy, and lethargic on a holiday. So find little compromises you can make with yourself.

I saw a good example from a woman on Instagram recently who cut a burger in half so she could enjoy the first half like a normal sandwich with the bun, and then she ate the second half without the bun with her side salad (not fries). 

The point is, yes, you can eat less-than-healthy food and still reach your goals, you just have to turn your brain on and autopilot off to do it.

3. Spread out the indulgences.

I know I always say it's a holiday, not a holimonth or a holiseason. But that doesn't mean I want you setting yourself up for one big binge day by avoiding all treats until Christmas (or whichever holiday you celebrate). It just means we can't have the holiday 'fuck it' mentality October-January. 

But enjoying little treats here and there along the way can help prevent this super fun cycle (insert sarcasm): "I can't have it. I can't have it. I can't have it. I had all of it." 

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