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How Do I Fit in Fitness While Starting My Business??


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Attention my boss babes, my hustlers, my dream chasers, my goal getters, my working mamas, my bad ass girl bosses... this one’s for you!!

I know you, because I am you.

You have big goals for your life, you want to achieve big things, and you hold yourself to a higher standard than anyone else would.

You get up early, you stay up late, and you make all kinds of sacrifices in the pursuit of success.

But there’s one problem... well, maybe more than one:

You haven’t worked out in weeks, your diet consists mainly of coffee and take out, and you're counting your lucky stars if you get 6 hours of sleep, let alone the recommended 8. 

I get it, I’ve been there, but you can’t expect your business, your mission, or your wealth to THRIVE, if you’re barely doing enough to SURVIVE. 

And trust me, if you do this work of balancing your career goals with your NEED for vibrant health NOW (as opposed to AFTER you've destroyed your adrenals and run yourself into depression and anxiety), you WILL see your success rise right along side your health.

Your energy will sky rocket, your stress will go down as your productivity goes up, and you'll be able to actually bring your best self to the table consistently. 

On the other hand, if you keep on neglecting your fitness in service of your career, you know you'll eventually burnout. You might have even gotten a taste of it already...

Maybe you're getting sick more often than you used to, maybe that fire that used to be under your butt is turning into a dim light, maybe you're finding it harder to concentrate and more difficult to do the tasks that once were easy.


I know because I’ve been there.

I was working my butt off trying to scale my online coaching business and I thought going “all in” meant being willing to sacrifice my sleep, my gym time, and my weekends for creating content, building marketing funnels, and writing curriculums.

But as the months wore on, I noticed my creativity was getting stunted, I was a walking ball of stress, and my relationship was falling apart because all I could think or talk about was work (can you relate??).

So here’s what I did to pull myself out of that black hole, and start finding time for myself and my health again...

#1. I opened up my schedule for a task audit.

I forced myself to take a good, hard look at exactly what I was filling my day with, and then categorized them into 4 columns: easy work with high pay off, easy work with low pay off, hard work with high pay off, and hard work with low pay off.

The hard work with low pay off immediately got taken off my list forever.

The easy work with low pay off either got discarded or delegated.

The hard work with high pay off got broken down into more manageable steps.

And the easy work with high pay off got prioritized. 

#2. I established my bare minimums list and PUT THEM IN THE CALENDAR.

You may remember the bare minimums list from my previous blog post where we talked about choosing non-negotiable, daily tasks that would keep you working steadily in your business. Now we're going to do the exact same thing, but with a focus on self-care.

Mine were 8 hours of sleep, 20 minutes of movement, and 6 servings of produce. Yours might be drinking enough water, 10 minutes of meditation, or getting outside for 20 minutes every day. 

Whatever it is, make sure it's significant enough to be effective, but simple enough that it's a no-brainer to do.

#3. I gave myself a work curfew 6 nights per week.

Which meant Tuesday through Sunday, I HAD to stop working by 8 pm.

Monday was the one night per week I allowed myself to get ahead or catch up with work for as long as I felt necessary.

You might take a slightly different approach, like setting your alarm 30 minutes early solely for working out or prepping your food for the day.

Whatever your strategy, just make sure you're putting healthy boundaries around that hustle of yours.

We don't want to kill it, we don't want to diminish it, we just want to reign it in so it works for us instead of against us.

Follow these 3 steps, and I am telling you, you will feel like a whole new woman.

You’ll do better work in less time, feel like yourself again, and get back to actually enjoying your work instead of just feeling swallowed by it. 

But wait... what if time isn’t the only thing keeping you from fitting in your fitness routine?

What if you aren't getting in the gym, or getting in the kitchen, because you’re just too freaking drained all the time?

Well, if that’s the case, I'm offering you a free coaching call with me so I can give you my 7 simple steps to master both your time AND your energy so that neither your career goals or health goals have to suffer at the hands of the other. 

How amazing would it be to have free time again, or better yet... feel good enough to fill that free time with something other than mindless, zombie-like activities?

It is possible, and if you want to have huge success, wealth, AND satisfaction in your life, it is absolutely necessary that you prioritize your health as much, if not more than your job.

They are inextricably connected and the disintegration of one will always lead to the disintegration of the other.

So, if you want to book your exclusive free call with me to make sure you have the habits in place that are going to allow you to skyrocket your business... click here now.


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