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Experience High Performance


Raise your hand if you consider yourself to be an overachiever...

maybe you did well in school,

maybe you were the class pet and always messed up the grading curve (oops), 

maybe you excel in your career and moved quickly up the success ladder.

Or maybe you're a high achiever in your social life.

Do you show up to every party and hold court as the perfect guest or the charming host?

Does everyone envy your partner of choice. 

Does your house look pristine any time a guest shows up?

There are lots of ways to be an overachiever. 

But that doesn't necessarily mean you're a high performer. 


Nope, high performance isn't about being perfect, it isn't about being a high power executive, it isn't about having an enviable home or huge bank account. High performance is about tapping into your highest and most genuine potential in all areas of your life.

True high performance is about having loving, deep connections with those around you.

It's about creating a life that YOU love, not a life you are expected to love.

It is about nurturing your body so you have the energy to live with health and vibrancy.

It is about living into your greater purpose with intention and passion.

It's about living with the courage and integrity to show who you are to the world. 

And it's about creating a lifestyle that incorporates balance and time to enjoy the life you've worked so hard to build. 

And it is an ever evolving process. 

I'm constantly reminding myself to aim for high performance and not just for "success."

It's easy to get caught in the "success" trap of once I make this much money, once I get this promotion, once I get married, once I have a house, once I achieve this thing... then I'll be happy. 

Practicing high performance is about molding your daily experience so that it leaves you excelling and feeling good about your life as a whole. 

Sounds like a dream, right?

Who could possibly achieve all that?

Who could have a successful career, and a loving relationship, and health, and happiness without sacrificing one for the other?

Honestly, you can. 

High performance, like any other goal, can be broken down into a system, a process, to get from here to there. 

And today we are taking one baby step to get there. 

Download your UNLEASH journal pages by clicking here, and go to exercise #4.

You're going to write down just one habit that you can adopt daily that will move the needle forward in whatever area of your life you feel is the biggest priority. 

So say your career is going well, your relationship is pretty solid, but your health is less than ideal. Maybe your one small habit is to start drinking a healthy shake for breakfast instead of going through the drive through.

Or maybe your health is decent, your relationship is solid, but you absolutely despise your job. One daily habit could be dedicating 30 minutes to starting that side hustle that you've had in your head for years. 

Whatever it is, the habit does NOT have to be big. It has to be just big enough that it moves the needle. That's where you start, that's where you always start. 

And then you reassess your life, your priorities, and you build on the habits that are most important to you. And round and round we go. 


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In this program, in just 30 days, you're going to confidently reclaim time for yourself every day, free of guilt or anxiety.

And in doing so, you're going to start to experience this high performance lifestyle for yourself. You'll find greater energy, alignment, focus, balance, and bravery so that your high achievement isn't just about reaching the next empty milestone.

It's about living life on purpose today, loving your life today, taking care of yourself today, because if not now... when?

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