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Episode 111: Life Changing Journal Prompts to Get Out of Your Own Way

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What's my #1 tool for getting out of my own way when trying to achieve big goals?

Journaling. I know it’s cheesy, and self-helpy, and therapisty to say, but it FREAKING WORKS.

More often than not what holds us back is the autopilot thoughts and habits that play on repeat day after day.

The magic of journaling is it forces us to take a step back, to question those limiting beliefs and actions, to get an outside perspective on our own lives, and to more clearly see the way OUT.

But I know journaling can be intimidating. You may sit there staring at the page wondering what to write and feeling dumb for not knowing.

So here are some of my favorite prompts to start you off (save this post so you can refer back later):

Imagine the version of yourself who’s already achieved your goals. What advice would they give you to overcome your current obstacle?

This puts you into problem solving mode, gives you a sense of efficacy over your life, and allows you to start showing up as that better version of yourself today.

If you didn’t rely on food/alcohol/fill in the blank for comfort, what emotions would you be forced to face?

Some of our most self destructive habits come from avoiding hard feelings. And there is no stopping those bad habits without taking the time to work through those emotions head on.

What will it cost you to change your habits?

We get in trouble when we assume creating positive change in our lives won’t cost us anything. We have to prepare for the trade offs we’re going to encounter. It’s going to take time, energy, effort, and getting out of your comfort zone (just to name a few).

What will it cost you to NOT change your habits?

We also get in trouble when we assume not changing means we’re staying in place. Especially when it comes to our health, no choice IS a choice.

Every day you don’t actively work towards health you are actively setting yourself up for disease, weight gain, and putting opportunities for joy on hold.

What may throw me off track today? How would my best self handle it?

Finally, we may do really well with changing our habits when everything is smooth sailing. But the second the boat rocks we just jump overboard and swim straight back to our land of comfort (which usually involves the fast food line and skipping workouts).

This journal prompts helps you get out of that knee jerk, reactive mode and gets you in the habit of future forecasting and preparing for the inevitable rough waters ahead.


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