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Episode 70: 3 Steps to Ditch Diets and Find Food Freedom with Intuitive Eating

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If I told you that you can have the body you've always wanted without cutting out your favorite food, without counting calories, and without starving yourself, how would you feel?

My guess? Skeptical as fuck. 

It sounds way too good to be true, right? Especially if even the strictest of diets hasn't brought you the results you want. 

I know when I used to diet hop, I figured if x diet didn't work, it just meant that I needed to be that much more disciplined, I needed to cut out more food, I needed to do more more more. 

But let me ask, how's that working for you? It sure as hell didn't do anything for me besides give me a complex around food and jack with my health.

I promise you, from my own experience and the experience of countless clients over the years, ditching diet culture and attacking your body transformation with a balanced, habits-based approach is the absolute key to seeing serious results, and making them stick. 

But I have to be upfront with you. It isn't as simple as just deciding never to diet again. There's a 3 step process that you need to go through to set your body and your brain up for life long transformation, diet free. 

1. Reset your body.

No I do not believe in quick fix cleanses. However, if you've been dieting for most of your life or if you've been eating unhealthily for most of your life, your body's signals are misfiring.

Your hunger hormones are likely not working properly, your gut bugs are sending you signals to crave sugar and simple carbs, and your tastebuds are wired for fatty, sugary foods. 

So we need to start by doing a reset that will help your body function better. We need to do some upfront work to improve your gut and hormone health so that your body is able to send the proper signals telling you exactly what it needs. 

2. Master habit change.

You're used to hard and fast rules, regulations, and restrictions that come with basically every diet. But from a neurological perspective, that isn't sustainable and it doesn't work for long term change.

Instead of following a list of approved food and dietary don'ts, we need to shift your habits. One by one.

We need to make incremental but highly effective shifts to your daily routine so that making healthy choices isn't a daily battle, it's just what you do. It should be as effortless and as natural as brushing your teeth every the morning. 

3. Connect with your body cues. 

Part of the problem with diets and why the results don't last is your body, and life for that matter, are ever-changing. What worked in your 20's when you lived alone is going to be completely different from what works in your 40's when you have 3 kids. 

By honing your ability to accurately listen to your body's cues, you develop a skill that will allow you to ebb and flow with the changing seasons. 

And through all 3 steps, you'll foster greater trust between you and your body, you'll create a healthy relationship with food, and you'll become your own weight loss expert so you can stop trying to decipher the million conflicting messages out in the world right now. 

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