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Episode 74: 6 Restaurant Rules of a Nutrition Coach

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Do you ever wonder if your regular restaurant habit is sabotaging your weight loss goals?

Short answer: it probably is. But that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice going out for looking lean. Stick with me sis...

Back in a past life, I worked as a server at a popular restaurant and I can't tell you how many women order our signature salad thinking they were 'being good'. That salad was 1300 calories.

And that's the crux of it. Even when we think we're making good choices, even when we order something that would be perfectly healthy if we made it ourselves, at a restaurant it almost magically turns into a calorie bomb.

You may be asking yourself at this point, "So can I just not eat out if I want to lose weight?" Far from it. You just have to know the tricks of the trade to take back control of your dining experience.

1. Drink a full glass of water to start.

Your body can confuse thirst for hunger, so you may find that you overeat the already high-calorie food if you're dehydrated.

2. Do NOT 'save your calories' for going out.

Saving your calories for anything is a recipe for disaster. Not only does it virtually guarantee overeating, but it also slows down your metabolism, and throws your blood sugar for a loop.

3. Automatically doggie bag half of your meal.

Go ahead and assume the portions and calories of your restaurant meal are through the roof. And the mitigate by cutting your serving size in half. 

4. Scout out the dishes with the most veggies.

This is key. Not only do you want to find the dishes with the most veggies, you want to eat your veggies first. This helps you fill up on the lowest calorie part of the meal so you end up eating fewer calories overall.

5. Look for the words 'grilled' or 'steamed' while staying away from the words 'fried' and 'sautéed'.

The reason the calories are so much higher at restaurants often comes down to how they cook. Most douse their food in oil and butter to increase your satisfaction. And for context, just one tablespoon of oil is 120 calories!

6. Watch out for sneaky saboteurs.

Dressings, sauces, nuts, cheese, croutons, and other innocent-sounding toppings often add a shocking amount of calories to a dish. One slice of cheddar (about 1 ounce) is 113 calories. 2 tbsp of roasted almonds is 124 calories. 1/4 cup of croutons is 122 calories. 1/4 cup of ranch is 145 calories. Think about all of that being added to a salad! That's an entire meal's worth of calories just in toppings!

I have 2 more game-changing bonus tips to help you avoid the trap of becoming a Food Follower. You know, where everyone else at the table is ordering crap and it makes you want to say 'fuck it' too? But you'll have to listen in to the episode to find out what they are!


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