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Episode 85: Controlling Your Chaos. How to Lose Weight When Life Goes Haywire.

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Have you ever started on fitness journey, fully committed, maybe even saw results, and then life happened and knocked you off course? Maybe you got a promotion, moved, got in a relationship, or got out of a relationship, and suddenly you look up and realize you’ve had take out every night this week or you haven’t done a single workout. And you just sort of throw up your hands in defeat.

Do you find yourself constantly pulled in a million directions? Your to-do list is endless, people constantly need things from you, and you just can’t find consistent time to work on yourself?

Do you feel so stressed and overwhelmed already that adding cooking or workouts to your day just feels like too much, so you constantly find yourself putting it off for the ‘right time’?

If you answered yes, keep reading. 

The problem with most weight loss programs is they only give you 2 of the 3 F’s of weight loss. They give you the Food, they give you the Fitness. But they’re missing possibly the most important F: FITTING the plan into your life and your personality

Just working on nutrition and workouts to lose weight would be like trying to build a house with just walls and a roof. The foundation is NOT optional, the walls and roof will fall down every time without it. 

If you don’t know how to manage your time during busy seasons, if you don’t know how to tackle your issues with procrastination or perfectionism, if you don’t know how to take action when you’re not feeling motivated, it doesn’t matter how perfect the nutrition and fitness plan is, it will never work for you.

The worst part is, you feel like a failure at the end of these programs, when really it’s a failure of the program for not giving you the tools you need to actually IMPLEMENT the plan for the rest of your life.

In my experience (and the experience of many of my clients), being able to get a hold of your daily chaos is one of the biggest pieces of the foundation that needs addressing if you're ever going to stay consistent with your new healthy habits. 

And for that, I want you to follow the PIE Principle:

Prioritize tasks.

For everything on your to-do list (current or about to be added), rate it on a scale of 1-3. 1 = it’s urgent, and it’s a needle mover. 2= it's important but it can be delegated or put aside for now. 3= it's not actually very important right now in the grand scheme of life and your goals.

Note: Don’t let people make you feel like their 1’s are your 1’s. If it’s urgent for them but not for you, I promise they will figure it out. 

Identify time sucks. 

Ask yourself how many hours you spend on social media, how many hours you spend watching tv, how many hours you spend procrastinating the important stuff with non-urgent tasks. More often than not, we have way more time than we realize to create the life we want, but we squander it mindlessly. 

Mind you, I'm not saying you can’t scroll or ever watch tv, just be more aware. Set timers or multitask. Maybe you do your workout or meal prep while you watch a show. Or maybe you get an app that limits your social media time.

Edit your calendar.

Your calendar should reflect your priorities and the kind of life you want. If you say health and fitness and reaching your goals is important to you, that should be evident when anyone looks at your calendar. 

A super simple way of doing this is by scheduling in 3 meals, a workout, and a bed time into your calendar every. single. day.  

Yet, more often than not, our calendar only reflect the priorities of everyone else in our life. We write out projects given to us by our boss, lunch with that person, taking our kids to this activity, sending emails for that client.

Those tasks might not ever be deleted from our lives, but it's our job to make sure they're balanced with the things that are deeply important to us. If we don't, that's what leads to burn out, resentment, and eventually, illness. 

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