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Why I'm Taking on a New Fitness Challenge, and Why YOU Should Join Me!

Why am I doing this?

"You're already fit, you're already a trainer, so why in the world are you taking on a new fitness challenge?" 

I'm going to be totally honest with you, while my exterior may look fit, my health is not where I want it to be right now. As some of you already know, I've been dealing with hair loss, my acne started to come back, and while I'm always consistent with leading an active lifestyle, it's been a long time since I have truly challenged myself in the gym the way I could and should. 

So it's time, especially in the wake of this coronavirus pandemic, to really get back to the habits and practices that I know are going to help push me into the best health (and why not, best body) of my life. 

Now, could I go at it alone? Sure. But why do that when I know how much it motivates me to motivate others? Why do it alone when I could pull other women up with me? Why do it alone when I know I am far more likely to show up and to show up well when I have a tribe of other goal-getters surrounding me?

You get that right? Isn't it true that if you tell yourself you're going to go to the gym every day, it's probably a 50/50 chance it's going to happen. But if you know your friend is counting on you to meet her there, your ass is getting to that workout?

That's the kind of accountability, and fun, that I'm going to create with this challenge group.  

Why should you do it too?

Let me answer your question with a question: How many times have you tried to do this alone?

How many times have you followed a fitness plan only to quit by day 5?

How many times have you started a diet only to realize it tastes like shit, it takes too much time and effort, and there's no way you're going to stick with it?

How many times have you started to do the work, didn't get the results you wanted, and didn't have a coach you could reach out to to see what went wrong or what you could do differently?

How many times have you decided on a plan, but kept procrastinating it until it landed in the 'never gonna happen' pile?

That's why you should do this challenge. Because for possibly the first time ever, you're going to finish what you started. You're going to see the body transformation you're looking for. You're going to find the workouts and the foods that you both love and that love you back. And because, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by doing this challenge with me. 

What's included?

I've worked with many clients over the last 9 years and I'm pretty familiar with the common culprits that get in the way of our fitness goals:

  • We struggle to stay motivated
  • We struggle to find the time and energy we need
  • We struggle to stay consistent
  • We get bored with our nutrition and workout routine
  • And we feel overwhelmed by where to start

My intention with this challenge is to solve for all of those barriers.

  1. I'm going to be hopping into the private Facebook group every day, motivating you, cheering you on, and holding you accountable to the promises you make to yourself.
  2. I'm putting together a workout calendar with nothing but energizing, 30-minute workouts that you can fit in any time, anywhere. You can do them at home in your living room, in your office at work, in a hotel room, on a beach, wherever your heart desires. 
    1. The best part? Even after the challenge is over, you'll get an entire year of access to these workouts, plus 100s more with Beachbody On Demand. 
  3. I'm going to be giving you my favorite, super quick and easy recipes, so you never have to feel like you're 'on a diet' or depriving yourself of delicious food in the name weight loss (because F*** that!!).
  4. You also will be getting a 1-month supply of dessert-like shakes that are going to flood your cells with everything you need to fuel your workouts, your energy, and keep you on track even with a crazy busy schedule. 

Ok, so those are all the things I'll be bringing to you. Now here's all I ask in return: commit to taking your first step right now. Don't put it off, don't say I'll take a look at this tomorrow, don't put your goals on the back burner again.

Click the link below, fill out the 6 simple questions (it'll take literally 3 minutes), so we can make sure the challenge is a good fit for your goals and then get you started on this journey. Deal?!

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