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Episode 139: Kat's Clients Reveal The Best Advice That Worked For Them

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It's one thing to hear a nutrition coach rattling off advice on how to get healthy when clearly, that's not something they struggle with (at least not anymore). 

It can sometimes feel generic, or one-size-fits-all, or good in theory but not realistic for your life.

And the truth is, while part of my job is to share what I've learned through years of education and my own experience, a bigger part of my job is to help people navigate their individual personalities, preferences, and lifestyles to find what works for them.

With that being said, today I'm not going to share what the research says to do, or what I do.

I'm going to share what my clients do. What advice has worked for them while they're in the trenches and changing their lives.


  • Scheduling her workouts (as in actually writing them down and checking them off).
  • Setting an alarm to workout.
  • Picking clothes the night before so in the morning that's one less thing she has to think about.
  • Focusing on the foods and workouts that truly make her feel good, as opposed to focusing on the scale number. (She lost 12 pounds in 3 months doing this, so don't knock it until you try it!)


  • Having a high energy vs low energy routine. This includes having high and low energy recipes, workouts, to-do lists, etc.).
  • Putting post-its around her home with important reminders. Here are some of her favorites: "Progress, not perfection." "Don't compare your insides to someone else's outsides." "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing poorly."


  • Texting me his meals for accountability. Note: I do not give him advice on the meals he sends me. Just knowing I'll see what he's eating helps keep him on track.


  • Asking her partner to take care of their dog in the morning so she can get her workouts in.
  • Listening to her body. If a food doesn't make her feel good, even mildly, she doesn't eat it (read: bloating, lethargy, guilty, etc). She lost 4 inches in her waist alone doing this.
  • Not eating to make others feel comfortable or to not waste food. The mantra that's helped her with the latter: 'The money is already spent.'


  • Planning out her meals for the month. Whenever she's faced with the closet-full-of-clothes-with-nothing-to-wear predicament with her food, she refers to the plan and is reminded of the different dishes she can make with what she has.
  • Shopping at Whole Foods. The plethora of healthy options and fewer crap options really helps when she's grocery shopping.
  • One day she said things would be so much easier if she just had one day a week to truly get caught up on life. But with kids that felt impossible. So we decided to ask her sister if one day per week she could take the kids, and another day of the week Kendra could take the kids. This has allowed Kendra the ability to reduce overwhelm and give her more time to take care of herself. It takes a village ya'll!!


  • Eating something healthy before going to a party or restaurant situation that would otherwise cause her to overeat or make less-than-healthy choices.
  • Starting the day listening to motivational books and podcasts.


  • Reminding herself that this is an infinite game (where there is no end, there is no winning/losing, there is only you staying in the game), as opposed to a finite game (where there's a start and end date like a diet, and if you fall off at all you 'lose').
  • Mindful eating. Just by slowing down at her meals, using all her senses, and paying attention to how she feels eating different foods, she was able to let go of diet perfectionism, stay consistent, enjoy treats in moderation, and lose 11 pounds in 2 months without even thinking about it!

Now remember, these are the strategies that have worked for them. It doesn't mean these are the only strategies out there, and it doesn't mean these are the strategies that will work for you.

I 100% encourage you to try them all on for size (one at a time) and find what works. But if you want the short cut, I got your back!

I'll ask you the questions that will get you to your answers sooner, and without all the trial and error. 

I have a number of ways to work with me from high level 1:1 coaching, to group programs, to nutrition intensives. So click the link below to schedule a free consultation so we can find what plan is the right fit!


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