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Episode 187: 6 Journal Prompts to Reignite Your Motivation

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It's been exactly one month since the new year began and statistically 80% of people will bail on their resolutions in the next couple of weeks. 

But the buck stops here. We are going to reignite our motivation and keep trucking forward. We are going to be the 20%. We are going to dig deep and tap into our inner most desires and our brightest visions for our futures so we can continue making strides towards our goals even as the shininess of the new year wears off. 

But remember, it only works if you work it. 

So light a few candles, pour a cup of tea or coffee, create a comfy corner, grab out a pretty notebook that you're excited to write in, and let's get journaling. 

1. Imagine the future version of yourself who has everything you want. She feels confident, she feels strong, she looks healthy, she's successful, and above all she is happy. Really get into her frame of mind and ask what advice she'd give current-day-you.

We can get so caught up in what other people are telling us to do and it can cause us to feel like we're being pulled in a million directions. And in doing this we forget that we have our own inner wisdom, our own inner compass that's trying to guide us if we would only pause and get quiet long enough to listen. 

2. How is your life negatively impacted if you stop working towards your goals right now? Be as specific and detailed as possible.

For example, instead of writing, "I would feel less confident in my skin" you might write, "I'm going to feel fatigued and sluggish which is going to prevent me from going out and living my life. I'm going to feel insecure which will make me want to skip another beach vacation and put off dating again. I probably won't ask for that promotion in work because I just don't have the confidence to."

3. How does your life change for the better if you continue working towards your goals even when it's hard and even when you aren't seeing fast enough results?

Again, be as specific and detailed as possible. Write out every facet of your life that improves and how it improves. Will you want to have sex with your husband more? Will you have the confidence to start that side hustle? Will you get better sleep and be more patient with your kids?

4. How can I break down my goal into smaller, more manageable action steps?

Sometimes lack of motivation really comes down to overwhelm. You want to lose weight but your brain goes on overdrive thinking about needing to eat more veggies, cook more, navigate restaurant menus, workout every day, drink more water, eat fewer sweets, and so you stay stuck in paralysis not knowing where to start. 

Instead, break it down into small bite-size habits and order them. Put the biggest needle movers that will take the least amount of effort at the top, and habits that require more effort but won't make as big of a difference towards the bottom. 

5. I felt my absolute best when...

Sometimes we need the reminder that our goals aren't impossible or out of reach. That at one point we did feel confident, or energetic, or motivated, or strong. Which means we have the tools to get back to that place. 

6. Write out in incredible detail your dream day. What is your routine? What thoughts do you have as you move about your day? How do you look? How do you feel in your skin? How do you feel about your choices? How do you navigate obstacles? 

This is going to get you reconnected to the vision of the life you want and the person you're trying to become. Sometimes we get so stuck in the slog of daily action that we forget about the excitement of what that daily action will eventually lead to. 


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