Episode 31: 6 Simple Ways to Bounce Back From a Holiday-Treats Hangover

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1. DO NOT beat yourself up, wallow in regret, or fall down the cycle of self-hatred. You aren't broken, or weak, or a failure because you went 'off plan.'

DO forgive yourself, figure out what your triggers were and how you can handle them differently next time, and move on. And remember, there's no magic trick to this.

2. DO NOT do a juice cleanse. The extreme swings will just jack up your metabolism and set you up for a cycle of binging and cleansing. 

DO try a whole-foods based reset like a mini Whole7. Extremes don't fix extremes, so if you went off the deep end over the holiday, you're not going to 'fix it' by jumping into the diet deep end. Find a moderate approach where you're watching your portions, eating balanced meals, and minimizing high sugar or high-inflammatory foods.

3. DO NOT take laxatives, fat burners, or other quick-cleanse supplements. 

DO drink a ton of water, get some rest, and consider taking L-Glutamine, probiotics, and sipping on gut-loving teas like peppermint, fennel, ginger, and licorice. Forcing your body into any sort of purge is just going to stress your body out. Take a kinder approach and simply support your body in reducing the stress hormone cortisol, reducing inflammation, dropping some water weight, and recovering your gut. 

4. DO NOT starve yourself or go on a mega-fast. This is going to tank your metabolism and make it harder to keep weight off in the long run. 

DO use the rule of 7 and pay close attention to your body cues (energy, hunger, fullness, digestion, mood). 

5. DO NOT burn yourself out by slaving away for hours in the gym as penance for your food choices. 

DO ease back into working out (or go back to your regular workout routine if you already have one), and emphasize movement you actually enjoy. Remember, if you want fitness to be a regular part of your routine in 2020, you've got to start being intentional about making it a positive ritual, not negatively associated with punishment. 

6. DO NOT go at it alone. 

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