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Episode 41: Kat's Favorite Things to Grow Your Health and Business

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Part of creating a life of abundant health, happiness, and success is discovering the tools and products that make the road easier and more enjoyable. Which is why today I'm sharing the things I've found over the years that have been absolute game-changers in my health, business, and life.

1. Favorite Protein Shake: Vital Proteins Collagen + Shakeology

2. Favorite Fitness App: Beachbody On Demand (click the 3-month membership option if you want to give it a try for free) +MyFitnessPal

3. Favorite Water Bottle: BuildLife

4. Favorite Cook Books: Whole30, Defined Dish, Blue Zones Kitchen

5. Favorite Workout Clothes: Lorna Jane sports bras, Nike shoes, Lululemon pants

6. Favorite Business Coach: Vito Lafata and Anna Renderer (click for your free Start Up Your Brand Call)

7. Favorite Website Host: Kajabi

8. Favorite Budgeting App: Spending

9. Favorite Podcasts: Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield, Rise with Rachel Hollis, Ben Greenfield Fitness

10. Favorite Day Planner: High Performance Planner and Inkwell Press Live Well 360 Planner

If you want to know the knitty gritty details about why I'm so in love with these products and services to see if they're a good fit to help your reach your goals, listen to the full episode above. You'll also want to listen in if you want to unlock my LifeUnleashed Reading List detailing the most impactful books you need to be reading in 2020 if you want to level up your health, happiness, and success!

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