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Episode 62: What to Do When You Want to Quit

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I was chatting with a girl on a Facebook forum the other day who was half way through her Whole30 journey and ready to throw in the towel. She WAS seeing results, but she was just truly burned out.

She was bored of her meals, she was tired of thinking so hard about her food choices, and she just couldn’t seem to get that spark back. The constant mantra in her head was, ‘ugh, 15 more days of this.’ 

I think we’ve all been there right? I know I have. And the real problem with being in this headspace isn’t just that it pushes you to quit, it’s that even if you make it through to the end chances are you’re going to be jumping back to old habits faster than you can say ‘I hate kale.’

So what do you do? How do you not only keep that spark alive to finish a program like Whole30, but how do you keep that spark alive for the rest of your life?? (Because it is a healthy lifestyle we’re looking for right? Not a temporary fix.)

Here are 4 tips that keep me and my clients excited about being on their journey.

  1. Remember why you started.

Think back to when you decided to start the program. You were so excited and hopeful and had all these visions in your head about how your life and body would be transformed by following this program. You dreamed about strutting your stuff in a 2-piece, having sex with the lights on (and feeling hot as hell doing it), waking up feeling energized and clear headed. 

Get back to those dreams, they’re powerful fodder for your motivation to keep going. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the day to day tasks, but that vision for the future is what will keep you coming back for more.  

  1. Get playful in the kitchen.

We live in an incredible world right now where no matter what your dietary restrictions, there are a MILLION substitutions for your favorite recipes. I just had a client last week pick out 3 recipes she was truly excited to dig into. This will prevent those feelings of deprivation and longing for your old diet. Craving mongolian chicken? Or burgers? Or even pasta? Spend 5 minutes on google, I promise you can find a healthier alternative that’s legal on your plan. 

Does cooking intimidate you or do you feel like it takes foreeevverrr to make something from scratch? You're going to find my Clean & Lean Cooking Tutorial insanely helpful. In it I share my 5 favorite recipes, how to change them up to prevent boredom, and all along the way I coach you through the most common cooking techniques you'll use again and again that will cut your kitchen time in half. Click here to download it now!

  1. Track your wins.

It’s easy to get discouraged when you’re just NOT where you want to be yet. Which is why it’s so important to write down every tiny win as it happens. So when you’re having one of those pity party days where you feel down in the dumps and like you haven’t made ANY progress, you can quit literally prove yourself wrong. 

  1. Hit the books.

I don’t know about you, but I know I get excited about a program when I’m reading about all the amazing benefits and wonderful things it’s going to do for my body. If that’s you too, keep reading! One of my favorite ways to stay motivated is listening to podcasts that relate to my goal. The more I’m educated about how to reach it, the more committed I get to taking action. 

Want a list of my FAVORITE health and wellness podcasts that help me stay in the game with my own goals? They cover every topic from staying motivated, to rewiring your brain for success, to hormone health, to the best fitness techniques. But you'll have to listen in to the full episode to hear the list!



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