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Episode 64: Turning Things Around: Life Lessons from an Anti-Self-Helper

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If you've been following the Life Unleashed Podcast for any length of time, you know we NERD OUT on personal development.

But what if you just aren't the self-help reading, journal writing, self therapizing type? Does that mean you can't create meaningful transformation in your life?

Absolutely not. And to prove it to you, I brought on a special guest this week, my friend Doug Fore. He is not a nutrition expert, he is not a personal trainer, he is not a coach of any kind, a book author or a public speaker. In fact, in his words, "personal development is a shitty hobby." 

And yet he is one of my wisest friends who I turn to when life gets rough, he created his own weight loss transformation which he has maintained for many many years, and for being opposed to self-help as a hobby, he has many lessons to help you in this special episode.

Here are some of my personal favorite tidbits that came out of the show:

On Weight Loss

  • You can't unlearn the amount of calories in a slice of pizza! Once you're aware of the calorie bombs you're consuming, it's a lot harder to eat them mindlessly. 
  • Giving yourself the permission to 'cheat' (if you want to even call it that) is key to sticking with your healthy habits. Read: No deprivation!
  • The #1 tip to start and maintain a fitness routine is to make it fun. Whether that means making your own dummy to do at-home jujitsu, trying your hand at an obstacle race workout, or simply working towards something you never thought you could do like a pull up.  
  • One of the best tools to either begin a movement routine, sharpen a single exercise, or up your game as a fitness  enthusiast is something called Greasing the Groove: At regular intervals throughout the day (or anytime you think about it), stop and do 1-3 exercises at whatever rep range feels fairly easy/low barrier for you. Not only are you strengthening the movement pattern, but you're actually training the neural pathways that help you improve your fitness.

On Personal Development

  • Life goals that feed into each other: perspective, connection, and options.
    • The more perspective you have, the more options you have and the more connections you can make.
    • The more connections you have, the more perspective and options you'll have.
    • And the more options you have, the more you'll be able to create connections and perspective.
  • The biggest mistake people make when it comes to personal development is they hide in it and never actually go out and put what they learn in to practice. Personal development shouldn't be about developing for development's sake, it should be about living life to its fullest potential. 


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