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Episode 79: Harnessing the Powerful of Mindfulness to Stop Overeating

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I GET it. Our lifestyles are set up perfectly to turn us into total food-aholics.

Our fast-paced, over-scheduled lives have us shoveling food so fast we barely even taste it.

We’re encouraged by movies to binge food for comfort (who else has been the cliche eating a tub of ice cream after a breakup?).

And diet culture perpetuates our yoyo-ing between eating half a carrot for lunch and going full-fuck-it on a bag of Doritos.

So how do we even begin to change this pattern? One of the first things I tell my clients is we’ve got to slow our hungry asses dooooown.

Taking the time to be mindful during our meals is KEY if we want to reduce bloating, lose weight without having to count calories, and start creating a better relationship with food.

Here are 5 things you can do to start implementing a mindful eating practice into your day:

1. Plan out your meal times like a meeting with your boss.

You can't have a mindful meal if you're trying to fit it into a 5 minute window. Yes, I know we all lead insanely busy lives. But we have to stop offering up our health as our first-choice sacrifice. 

2. Chew every bite 30 times.

This will improve digestion and it’ll help your brain register that you're full earlier on in your meal.

3. Remove distractions while you eat.

No more passive scarfing while you watch tv or play on your phone.

4. Use all 5 senses as you eat.

Look at the colors on your plate. Smell the aromas. Taste the melding of flavors. Listen to the sound of your fork on the plate or your food crunching between your teeth. Feel the textures in your mouth. This allows you to get really present and experience your food in a whole new way.

5. Set your fork down between bites.

No more holding the next bite up to your lips as you're still chewing your current bite!

Want my bonus tip that will help you prevent mindless stress/boredom eating? You'll have to listen in to the episode to catch it!


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