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Episode 92: How to Stop Going 'Full Fuck It' After One Cheat

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Just a few days ago I ordered a Hopdoddy burger and truffle fries for lunch. A few years ago, here's how the rest of the day would've gone down:

Well, I already screwed up my diet for the day, might as well eat some ice cream too, I'll start back strong tomorrow...

But now that I had ice cream I want something salty (eats handfuls of chips out of the bag standing in the pantry looking at what other cheats I can have. Grabs the box of cookies and starts mowing through those too). 

Hours later laying in bed: I'm such a piece of shit. Why can't I just control myself? Why can't you just eat like a normal person? I'm never doing that to myself again. 

After doing a poll on my Instagram stories, I know I wasn't alone in this struggle. A lot of us have a hard time not going full-fuck-it mode with our diet once we've made the decision to 'cheat'. 

And even though back then I couldn't fathom the idea of not bingeing after eating something off plan, it is possible. It was possible for me, and it's possible for you too. 

These days, after eating a burger and fries for lunch, I go on to eat a healthy dinner. I don't think about food all day. And I don't carry around guilt for my occasional indulgences.

If that's the kind of relationship you want with food, here are 4 steps to start:

1. Stop aiming for perfection.

When your goal is to be perfect with your diet, it's a pass/fail. So once you've eaten one thing off plan, you feel like eating 50 things off plan is no different. A fail is a fail, whether you got 50% on the test or 1%. 

2. Stop calling it 'cheating.'

Think about it like this. If you're cheating on your partner and are in bed with someone else, are you going to just have 1 orgasm or are you going to think 'I'm already here, might as well have as many orgasms as possible and make this cheating worth it'? 

It's not a cheat, it is a treat that you are allowed to enjoy. No need to go for as many orgasms as possible if you know you can get one any and every day. 

3. Stop following deprivation-based diets.

Usually we feel out of control with our treats after we've spent all month, all week, or even just all day trying not to eat them. 

But remember, the forbidden fruit is always so much more tempting than the fruit that's just sitting on the counter ready to be eaten.

So stop forbidding, stop waiting until your cravings build to their zenith and then cascade like a waterfall, and instead just have a little something that you want when you want it.

4. Stop making bullshit promises to yourself. 

Seriously, this was a habit I had such a hard time with, but it is essential to your success here. For the love of God, STOP TELLING YOURSELF YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO EAT COOKIES/CARBS/CHIPS/ETC AGAIN. It's NOT true, and thinking that way makes it feel like when you do eat that food, you have to eat it until you're sick because it's the 'last time'. 

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