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Letting Go of the "Problem Children"


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Who here, on a daily basis, legitimately feels the anchors in their life holding them back?

The labels that have been put on you by others...

Expectations from your family...

A quick fix mentality...

Comparison living...


Fear of failure...

Fear of success...

The list goes on and on.

Which is why today, we're going to do some work to identify and release those problem children that are running all over the grocery store of your life right now.

You know what I mean by "those problem children"... they embarrass you in the supermarket, they scream so loud you can’t think, they drive you mad, they slow you down, and they make you feel exhausted. Yeah, those are the problem children that have got to go.

For me, I’ve had a LOT of problem children that have kept me from unleashing my life.

My Hashimoto’s was a problem child that drained the life out of me until I finally put it into remission.

Perfectionism has been hanging out since my childhood. I was always praised for being such a good girl, so well behaved, such a good student, that I associated my value with being, well, “perfect.”

An early boyfriend left me with limiting beliefs about what I should and could expect out of a relationship, which kept me stuck in seriously manipulative, unhealthy situations for years at a time.

And even now, fear of failure is a constant problem child that I have to contend with again and again in order to keep moving forward in my career.

That's the thing, sometimes we know exactly what hurdles are keeping us boxed in, right off the bat. They’re ever present and very loud.

But other times, it takes a bit more digging to see them, sitting there doing their dirty work.

But either way, if you want to take power back over your life, you’re going to need to start by taking power away from YOUR problem children.

YOU have to do the internal work to set yourself free of the excuses, negative self talk, and unhealthy patterns that are preventing you from leveling up your life.

Now believe me, I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. This stuff often runs deep and can be stubborn AF. But this is your chance to get back in the driver's seat of your own mind, and your own life.

You may have gone through some seriously hard things in your past, I’m not invalidating them at all. We all have our own journey’s to walk and some are harder than others.

But what I am saying, is while you can’t control what happened to you, you absolutely can choose who you want to be and how you want to move forward from here on out.

So here’s what we’re going to do, because you know I'm an action girl and I want you doing more than just reading this blog and then going back to play with your problem children for another 10 years...

For the next 24 hours, I want you to use your UNLEASH journal (click here to download) to write down every time you have a negative thought, and every time you notice a negative pattern coming up.

At the end of 24 hours, I want you to look over your journal and see if you can identify a handful of problem children.

Maybe it’s a recurring thought about why you can’t do something.

Maybe it’s an avoidance of confrontation because you want to stay the "nice girl".

Maybe it’s your 20 minute instagram scroll that always leaves you fuming with jealousy.

Then, in the 24 hours that follows, I want to challenge you to go a full day without thinking any negative thoughts. And any time you slip (which you will, don't worry about it), you have to replace the negative thought with 3 positive ones that prove your negative thought to be wrong.

For example: I might think, I suck at writing. I would have to stop myself then and there, and think of 3 times where someone complimented my writing, or someone told me that one of my blog posts helped them, or maybe I would remind myself that I was published in a magazine. Proving, I can’t be that bad of a writer.

So, you have your marching orders...

Download your UNLEASH journal, write down your problem children, go 24 hours without entertaining them, and replace them with 3 angel children if they do try to come up and rear their ugly heads.

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I have to tell you, I made this course because I noticed that my most successful personal training clients were the ones who allowed our relationship to expand beyond workouts and nutrition tips.

The ones who successfully lost weight, kept the weight off, AND who noticed an improvement in other areas of their life, were the ones who let me coach them on their time management.

They let me ask deeper questions about where they wanted to see their life go. They didn’t just chase a number on the scale, they chased a happier existence. And they got results.

So maybe you came to my page because you thought, OOO FITNESS GIRL!

But I want you to try and expand your mind to realize what fitness is really about. It’s about bettering yourself, becoming stronger both physically and mentally, it’s about being an example to others, and showing up for yourself.

And that’s exactly what my Health & Happiness Accelerator course is going to help you do. So sign up before it’s too late. You deserve to live your life unleashed. 



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