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Episode 106: Stuck in the All-or-Nothing Mindset Around Food? This Episode is for You!

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 Does any of this describe you...

  • Feeling like the day is ruined after eating a cookie.
  • Repenting for overeating with cleanses, starving yourself, or doing crazy workouts.
  • Not starting a diet because you’re waiting for when you can be 100%.
  • Filling up on treats before a diet starts and you know you’ll have to stop.
  • Eating all the bad food in your house to get rid of the temptation.
  • Restricting for long periods of time followed by binging.

 If you answered yes, you my friend, are a diet perfectionist. And no judgement!! That's my freaking origin story!! 

I said yes to all of those statements for nearly 10 years, and one thing I can tell you for certain... it did not get me any closer to my goals. I'm sure you can relate. 

Which is why in today's episode, I'm sharing the first part of my Take It Easy Weight Loss Workshop, where we dug into where this all-or-nothing mindset comes from and how it prevents us from reaching our goals.

Because like anything, when we understand where a behavior comes from, we can pull it up by its roots and get rid of it for good. 

Where Diet Perfectionism Comes From

  • Childhood
    • Many of us witnessed our moms, sisters, and friends falling into the restrict-binge diet cycle, making it seem perfectly 'normal' to us. 
    • Being overly-praised for our looks. If you got a ton of validation and attention because of how you looked growing up, you will fight tooth and nail to maintain that version of perfection.
    • Being punished for being fat. Some of us were bullied by our parents for being overweight, so trying to be perfect on our diet is our way of striving for love and acceptance.
    • Going through trauma. When we're traumatized, we have lost control over our lives or our selves in some way. For many, food is one of the only things that they consistently have control over. 
  • Diet Culture
    • Fad diets tend to dole out super strict, rigid rules giving the feeling of a test that you either pass or fail.
    • Fitness idols whether in magazines, on tv, or on social media make it look like they're absolutely perfect on their diet and like they never miss a workout. This can make it seem like perfection is required for success.
    • Diet culture makes it seem like it’s wrong to have cravings, it’s wrong to overeat, and you’re lazy, unmotivated, and unworthy if you eat certain foods (which incidentally makes those foods REALLY emotionally charged). Hint: all of that couldn't be further from the truth.
  • Control/Result Anxiety
    • We think that if we can be 100% perfect with our diet and our workout routine, we’ll be more in control of our results and bodies. We think if we don't screw up at all, our body will have no choice but to change so it'll save us from the heart break of another failed diet. Except that that's not actually true. More often than not when we're too restrictive and overly stressed about our diet it slows down our metabolism and switches us over into fat-storage mode making it even harder to achieve our goals. 
  • Self worth
    • A lot of times we fight so hard to be perfect, so our body will have to change, so we will finally feel worthy. And because we're attaching our self worth to our results, we are desperate to make it work even if it's at the expense of our mental health.

How Diet Perfectionism Prevents Us From Reaching Our Goals

    • It keeps us from listening to our bodies. We’re so concerned with following the rules perfectly, we're not eating when we're hungry, stopping when we're full, or tuning into our emotions.
    • It keeps us from getting in the game in the first place. 
    • It sets us up to fail which leads to feeling discouraged instead of motivated.
    • It sets us up to binge. And our habits are like a pendulum; however far they swing in one direction they will swing back in the equal and opposite direction eventually.
    • It keeps us confused about our results. We’ll be perfect for x amount of time and wonder why we aren’t seeing results. But it’s because we’re binging every weekend, or every month in response to that perfection. Your body needs consistency more than it needs perfection.
    • It makes it harder to lose weight in the future. Every time we lose weight and gain it back, our body makes metabolic adaptations that make it harder to re-lose the weight again.

Ok now that I've told you how damaging this all-or-nothing mindset is to your results, you might be wondering 'But how do I change it??'

Don't freak out, your favorite coach is here to help!

During the workshop I announced my 4-week Take It Easy Weight Loss Masterclass!! Here are the deets:

This is for you if...

  • You are sick of the yo-yo dieting cycle: getting hopeful, losing weight, and then being disappointed when it comes right back on.
  • You're ready to get to the root cause of your struggles with food so you can let go of the anxiety and perfectionism around your diet
  • You want to trade in the BS quick fix diets that require you to restrict, restrict, restrict so you can lose weight in a way that feels more relaxed and realistic.

What do you get?

  • Weekly deep-dive group coaching calls with me where you'll get all the guidance you need to quit sabotaging your progress, have clarity around what 'healthy eating' means when you aren't following a restrictive diet, and finally make the weight loss stick.

  • Access to the best accountability group in town via the private Masterclass Facebook group! This is where you'll also get direct support from me between coaching calls whether you need a bit of motivation, a question answered, or an awesome dinner recipe!

  • Worksheets, downloads, and other resources to help you successfully implement what you learn each week and truly see the change you're looking for!

I know it can be hard to put your faith in something new, especially when it feels like you've already tried everything.

But let me ask you this... what's the alternative? Giving up? Throwing in the towel? 

Not you. You're a fighter. And you are worthy of this journeyyou are worthy of feeling amazing in your body and living your best damn life. And I promise I will not steer you wrong. 

Click here if to sign up. Take that first brave step and I'll be here for you every step of the way.


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