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Episode 58: 3 Steps to Stay Fit While in 'Vacation Mode' (Without Feeling Deprived)

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I’m going to be straight with you. When my family and I vacation, it has historically been 100% food-centered. Everything we do is planned around what restaurants we’re going to hit, what delectable meals we’re going to enjoy, what desserts we’ll indulge in.

And when we aren’t eating, we’re really just killing time until the next meal comes around.

Can you relate?

And here’s the thing, as your coach, I’m not about to tell you to skip the NY pizza for a salad. Or to drink a glass of water instead of sipping a pina colada while lounging under a palm tree in Maui. 

But I am here to tell you there absolutely ARE ways to still 100% enjoy your vacation, without falling 100% off the wagon with your fitness goals.

Here’s how I did it spending the last 3 weeks in Florida (and how you may want to shift things if you’ve found yourself in ‘vacation mode’ through this quarantine):

  1. Don’t go full fuck it. 

All this means is don’t throw your nutrition AND your workouts AND your sleep schedule in the garbage. Choose the easiest healthy habit for you to maintain, and commit to it. This will reduce the activation energy it takes for you to get back to work when you get home. 

  1. Plan your cheats.

It’s perfectly fine for you to indulge while on vacation. I would argue it’s even healthy! But not if you’re doing it breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pick a few dishes or restaurants that you are truly stoked about, savor every single morsel, and then make healthier choices at the next meal.

  1. Movement > Workouts.

I get it, working out on vacation is tough. You’re often not on your own schedule and let’s face it.. Who wants to workout when they could be enjoying a cup of coffee while looking out over the ocean (I know I don’t).

So don’t pressure yourself to fit in a structured workout. Just prioritize going for walks, swimming, biking, hiking, horseback riding, ziplining, whatever activity makes sense for your vacation that’s going to keep your body in motion. 

Want to go deeper into how to successfully vacation without sabotaging your weight loss and get more examples of exactly what I did to stay on track in Florida? Listen in to the full episode!


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