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Episode 66: 3 Steps to Stop Weekend Overeating

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Who’s done it? Raise your hand high 🙋‍♀️if you do really well with your eating Monday through Thursday, then Friday night hits and your habits go to hell in a hand basket for the next 3 days.

I know I have! You make it through a stressful week and the ultimate reward is that Friday night pizza you enjoy while watching Netflix. 

Then Saturday hits and you find yourself gravitating towards those chips and cookies you did so good at avoiding all week. 

Then Sunday comes and it’s time for brunch and you’re NOT going to turn down that 4th mimosa all your friends are partaking in!

And before you know it you’re back to Monday feeling bloated, pissed at the scale, and frustrated at yourself for self-sabotaging... again. 

Are you ready to stop the cycle and finally see the scale go steadily down? Here are my 3 very best tips for how I took back control of my weekend habits (tune in to the full episode to hear 1 special bonus tip):

  1. Stop trying to be perfect during the week.

You know the saying ‘What goes up must come down’? The same goes with your diet. If you try to exist on one extreme end of the spectrum, you will eventually swing to the equal and opposite end. 

Not to mention, when you try to be perfect during the week, you’re mentally setting the weekends up as your cheat days. You’re looking forward to it, planning for it, you’re turning weekend eating into an event which is a recipe for overindulging. When really, weekend eating should just be… eating. 

  1. Maintain some semblance of structure on your weekends.

A lot of my clients tell me they do better with their eating during the week because their week simply has more structure. Ok, so if that’s the solution… implement it!

I treat my weekend meals exactly the same way I treat my weekday meals. I have a general idea of what I’m going to eat and when. And if something comes up to throw off that structure, I STILL look for ways to maintain some consistency. 

For example, last weekend I went over to a friend’s house for a movie night and instead of going over and partaking in their pizza, I ate a healthy meal before I left and even brought a shake with me (because I knew I’d probably stay late). 

Did I have a couple of drinks with them and some popcorn? Sure did! But that did not sabotage me like an entire evening of debauchery would have had I not come prepared. 

  1. Address the ACTUAL trigger. 

Most of the time, weekend overeating has nothing to do with food and everything to do with your mental or emotional state after a long week. You may be using food to cope with stress, a lack of control at work, boredom, anxiety, depression, and the like. So stop reaching for more willpower (which we know is a finite resource), and instead address the ACTUAL problem that’s causing your weekend snack attack. 

Which tip do you think you need to implement most?? Drop it in the comments, I really want to know what you’re finding particularly helpful!


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